I don’t know how to make paper chains.

Every day leading up to Christmas I’ll count down the “25 Things Jesus Says About Christmas” to see how it changes the way you and I celebrate the season when we go straight to the source!

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Merry Christmas everybody my name is
Chris Pavle and you found the 25 things
Jesus says about Christmas you see how
it changes the way you and I celebrate
the season when we go straight to the
source now if you’re following us in
real time Christmas Eve is here it is
Christmas and man I can just feel the
excitement in the air I love this time
of year actually think I like Christmas
even more that like Christmas day my
paper chain is falling apart here hang
on a second while I try to fix this
something about the mystique and
intrigue and mystery of Christmas Eve
just makes me feel alive and as we see
number 2 of our countdown that’s exactly
how we should feel now if you remember
back from our last couple videos we’ve
been looking at this account from the
biographies of Jesus where he returns to
his home synagogue and reads a prophecy
about the Messiah and everyone kind of
holds that criteria up to Jesus and
that’s what we’re doing is we close out
our countdown here and oh my goodness
these preteens keep on falling apart on
me my wife is more crafty than I am I
should have had her make this now Jesus
continues to read through Isaiah’s
prophecy and he reads the words he has
sent me to set the oppressed free now if
you’ve grown up with any sort of
privilege or prosperity these are hard
words to understand look at this I guess
somehow it’s fitting that this keeps
falling apart the chains keep on
breaking because it’s demonstrating when
Jesus says here but just take a moment
to ask somebody who’s experienced any
sort of oppression because of their race
their gender their orientation their
nationality and they can tell you what
it’s like to be truly oppressed a couple
weeks ago I was talking to my neighbor
who’s african-american and he was
telling me about what it was like to
grow up in a segregated south and
listening to his stories oh my gosh this
change keep breaking but listening to
his stories it was just it was powerful
and I was touched by it but no matter
how moved and emotional and touched I am
by his stories I don’t know what it’s
like to live his experience now if you
applied that same concept to Jesus and
you follow his claims he’s sitting up in
heaven separated from all sorts of
suffering and pain and sorrow so he
comes down from heaven to be with us and
to experience what we experience on a
day-to-day basis
Saints keep breaking and he came to be
oppressed and associate himself with the
oppressed and he left all of the wealth
and privilege and power of
to come be with us that he might set the
oppressed free and how does this change
the way you and I celebrate the season
well let’s reverse engineer this whole
idea of Jesus breaking the chains of
oppression so right now just think of
any blessing that you have any kind of
blessing something that you’ve received
that was a gift that you didn’t earn it
was just given to you think of any
blessing and then recognize that
whatever you call a blessing to somebody
else who doesn’t have it they call it a
privilege they don’t have the privilege
of experiencing that thing and that
blessing that you just thought of you
can share it with somebody else if
you’re sitting in your house and you
thought of your utilities you can call a
utility company and offer to pay
somebody’s utility bill seriously you
can do that right now you can pick up
the phone call utility company and pay
for an unpaid bill if you’ve got a
family and friends you can go to a
nursing home and ask if anybody is
lonely this season and just sit down and
ask them how they’re doing and spend
some time talking with them and getting
to know them almost I’m gonna stop
trying to fix these because it’s okay
it’s the chains break especially if
you’re in a place where you can employ
others I encourage you to employ
somebody who doesn’t have the skill set
you’re looking for teach them and train
them in a skill set and give them an
employable skill that moves them forward
in life and when you do that when you
set the oppressed free when you share
your blessings you have a whole new
criteria to consider is this who the
Messiah must be that’s not all that
Jesus says about Christmas I know it’s
Christmas Eve but if you would like to
consider some more of what Jesus says
about Christmas I’ve got a playlist
right over here you can take a look at
it Merry Christmas
tomorrow’s a big day but don’t forget to
join us tomorrow for number 25 hundred
pound out you guys have a great great
night Merry Christmas

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