So what do the Twelve Days of Christmas have in common with the words of Jesus?

Every day leading up to Christmas I’ll count down the “25 Things Jesus Says About Christmas” to see how it changes the way you and I celebrate the season when we go straight to the source!


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Merry Christmas welcome to what Jesus
says about we’re counting down with the
25 things Jesus says about Christmas
to see how it changes the way you and I
celebrate the season when we go straight
to the source now I guess this is number
12 of our countdown so technically this
is like the 12 days of Christmas not
entirely sure about that cuz I think
actually the 12 days of Christmas are
after Christmas let’s go with it it’s
day 12 the 12 days of christmas it’s
only fitting because the 12 days of
christmas show that we love the
countdown to Christmas we love this
feeling of getting closer and closer and
the sense of anticipation to the moments
when we open presents on Christmas
morning and as we see in number 12 of
our countdown the life of Jesus had its
own sense of anticipation follow me here
but here’s their brief timeline right
after Jesus is very first miracle he
tells his mother that his hour has not
yet come but the countdown had begun a
few years later he gets into a heated
argument with some religious leaders and
they want to arrest him but they don’t
because Jesus says his hour had not yet
come finally right before his arrest he
tells his disciples that the hour had
come for him to be crucified and the
father to be glorified and he says this
hour is the very reason I came but Jesus
isn’t done teaching on this idea of the
hour he also teaches that after his
resurrection there would be an hour of
his return but he also says only his
father knows when this hour will come so
how does this change the way that we
celebrate Christmas well as we make our
way towards the hour when we open
presents and we tear into the presents
and then after that moment is over after
that hour is over it’s like a letdown
right and there’s two ways that you can
react in that moment if you’re a
follower of Jesus you can turn your eyes
forward now to an hour of Jesus’s return
and if you’re not a follower of Jesus
you can also use this teaching to
consider what is it that you’re looking
forward to next and and why are you
looking forward to that thing next what
what is that what value does that thing
have what promises a hold for you and
wherever you land on those two things or
maybe you’re somewhere in between you
can still take away something from
Jesus’s words here because the irony is
according to Jesus it’s not so much
about the hour it’s what you do while
you wait now this isn’t all that Jesus
says about Christmas that’s why I’ve got
a playlist over here of the other 25
things Jesus says about Christmas I’d be
honored if you would take a take a look
and binge watch that and then hit like
and subscribe thanks so much and we’ll
see you soon Merry Christmas

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