Every day leading up to Christmas I’ll count down the “25 Things Jesus Says About Christmas” to see how it changes the way you and I celebrate the season when we go straight to the source!

If you’re more Ebenezer Scrooge than you are Clark Griswold, #16 in our countdown gives you a reason to give the celebration of the season one more try.


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see I do own more than one shirt my name
is Chris favela we’re talking about the
25 things Jesus says about Christmas we
want to change the way you and I
celebrate the season by going straight
to the source I used to be super
frustrated by people who were
over-the-top and their Christmas
celebration the house with Clark
Griswold lights on it and the ugly
sweater but as we see in number 16 of
our countdown over-the-top Christmas
celebrations are a perfect way to
celebrate the season now during our
countdown we’ve heard Jesus described as
a king and as bread and today we’re
gonna hear Jesus described himself as
something else and it’s a term he uses
one time when he’s fighting with some
religious leaders and he describes
himself as a shepherd and I get that
those potential to be insulted by this
metaphor because who wants to be sheeple
but when Jesus uses this metaphor it’s
less about you or I and it’s more about
him and what he does as a shepherd he
calls himself a Good Shepherd who lays
down his life to defend his flock and
then he explains why he would go to such
extreme measures to save those he leads
when he says I have come that they may
have life and have it to the full now
don’t miss here what Jesus says here
he’s not talking about a perfect life or
a painless life or a problem-free life
and as a follower of Jesus I can attest
that yes life is still hard yes there’s
still heartache and tragedy but the hope
and the meaning and purpose that I have
from following Jesus the only word I can
use to describe that is full and really
what I think Jesus is also saying is
that there are no empty hearts your
heart is full of something think about a
Bonita Scrooge his heart was full of
cynicism and hatred and greed and then
his heart was full of joy and hope and
life so how did these words of Jesus
change the way that you and I celebrate
this season well go big this Christmas
put up the extra decorations bake more
cookies wear an ugly sweater and make
sure that it lights up and don’t do it
to compete with your neighbors light
show do it all as an experiment to
contemplate do I do this to feel alive
or because I am full of life now if you
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and subscribe share with your friends
also I made a playlist over here so you
can binge watch all the other 25 things
Jesus says about Christmas thanks so
much we’ll see you soon

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