Every day leading up to Christmas I’ll count down the “25 Things Jesus Says About Christmas” to see how it changes the way you and I celebrate the season when we go straight to the source!

#17 in our countdown gives you a delicious way to change the way you celebrate the season.


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I’m a husband. I’m a father through adoption and foster care. I’m also a pastor of a church. My life mission is to “do whatever it takes so as many as possible can see Jesus”. This channel is one of the ways I live that out. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

Merry Christmas my friends my name is
Chris Pablo and welcome to what Jesus
says about where we’re counting down
with the 25 things Jesus says about
Christmas to see how it changes the way
you and I celebrate the season when we
go straight to the source now food is a
part of the holidays from fruit cakes to
tamales to my mom’s secret recipe sugar
cookies seriously for centuries people
have been celebrating the Savior’s birth
with a bite of something savory or
sugary coincidentally number 17 in our
countdown actually says that food is a
great way to celebrate his birth because
this is one time where Jesus is teaching
a crowd of thousands of people and after
he’s teaching them he miraculously feeds
all of them and while they’re all like
everyone’s amazed and enjoying the food
Jesus tells them okay guys the bread of
God is the bread that comes down from
heaven to give life to the world and
then he says I am the bread of life now
just try to imagine what it would be
like to hear somebody actually make a
claim like that this is this is crazy
talk unless the person can back it up
with something pretty incredible but
Jesus did do something incredible he
just fed these thousands of people and
then claims that he is the bread sent by
God to satisfy the desire in us that
nothing else can satisfy there’s a man
named CS Lewis who wrote the book The
Chronicles of Narnia and he said it
better than I could and he says if we
find ourselves with the desire that
nothing in this world can satisfy the
most probable explanation is that we
were made for another world and this is
where we see how the words of Jesus
changed the way you and I celebrate the
season what do we do eat the food I’m
not kidding enjoy all of the food and
the fair and the festive flavors of the
season and enjoy it while it lasts all I
ask is let you take a moment while you
munch to consider what your soul hungers
for this isn’t all that Jesus says about
Christmas I got a playlist right over
go ahead and take a look of the other 25
things and Jesus says about Christmas
while you do that I’m gonna enjoy the
rest of this cookie Merry Christmas

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