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This channel is a quick and easy place for you to find What Jesus Says About topics important to you.

No 30-minute sermons. No five-dollar words. No hard sell. We just let Jesus speak for Himself so you can respond for yourself.

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I’m a husband. I’m a father through adoption and foster care. I’m also a pastor of a church. My life mission is to “do whatever it takes so as many as possible can see Jesus”. This channel is one of the ways I live that out. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

now you know what Amazon says about
Christmas and you know what the Hallmark
Channel says about Christmas but what
does Jesus say about Christmas and how
would it change the way you celebrate
this season if you went straight to the
source hey everybody my name is Chris
Pablo and welcome to what Jesus says
about where Jesus speaks for himself so
you can respond for yourself now I don’t
know what you think about Christmas
whether your Scrooge or your buddy the
elf or here somewhere in between but I
love the season one of the things I
loved about the season growing up with
these little advent calendar things I’ve
ever seen these but like every day is
you get a little bit closer to Christmas
you tear open one of these tabs and read
what’s inside or you get a little treat
out of it or whatever it might be and
you just count down towards Christmas
anyway so I decided to get into the
vlogmas trend and do our own advent
calendar here and everyday for the month
of December I’m going to be dropping a
daily video counting down the 25 things
Jesus says about Christmas and every day
we’re going to look at what Jesus says
about Christmas to see how it changes
the way that you celebrate the season
now some of you might be thinking wait
wait Jesus never mentions the word
Christmas and that’s true but he does
talk about his birth and he talks about
his purpose and his mission and the
reason why he believes that he came and
when you hold these statements from
Jesus up to Christmas it really does
change the way you celebrate the season
and I’m excited to go through it with
you so how can you be a part of all of
this well first of all don’t forget to
hit like and subscribe and that little
bell so you get notified of new videos
every time they drop and I’ll make a
playlist so you can track along with us
and catch up on any dates that you may
have missed and then when new videos
drop interact with them comments and
share them with your friends and let it
affect your celebration this season I
can’t wait to do the countdown with you
Merry Christmas everybody thank you so
much for making this channel part of
your holiday

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