The problem with saying you should follow Jesus because he’ll make your life better is what happens when life isn’t better.

And the problem with saying you should follow Jesus because of his example is that life is full of people who do exemplary things.

Or saying you should follow Jesus because he died for you, when history is full of courageous people who did just that.

But when the reason people in the first century followed Jesus becomes YOUR reason for following Jesus? That’s where you find a truly transformed life.

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I’m a husband. I’m a father through adoption and foster care. I’m also a pastor of a church. My life mission is to “do whatever it takes so as many as possible can see Jesus”. This channel is one of the ways I live that out. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

[gentle music]
(Shutting of car door.)
– I believe the teachings
of Jesus improve my life,
my relationships and make me happier.
But, that’s not why I follow Jesus.
And I believe the example of Jesus
makes me a better person.
The way he cared for the
outcast and the marginalized,
women and children, people of
a different race than his own.
But that’s not why I follow Jesus.
I even believe that Jesus died a horrible
and courageous death,
and that he died on a cross for my sins.
But, that’s not why I follow Jesus.
So why do I follow him?
It’s for one simple reason:
I believe Jesus rose from the dead.
I believe what billions of followers
Jesus through history believe–
that Jesus actually physically
rose from the grave.
And that when he did, he conquered death,
he changed history and
he changed their lives.
And if you’re ever going to follow Jesus,
I know you have so many questions,
but my encouragement to you
is to answer the one question
that stands above them all:
“Did Jesus rise from the dead?”
Because however you answer that question,
it changes the way you live, what you value
and it changes the way
you answer every question
to follow.
[gentle music]

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