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Act 1: The Birth of the Church

The Book of Act is “Part 2” of Luke’s account of Jesus’s life and ministry in the world. Just before Jesus ascends back into heaven to rule from His throne, He gives authority to His disciples to begin/create the church in His image as the Body of Christ with Jesus as the head (Collosians 1:8). In this series we will work through the book of Acts to see how the church began, how the church struggled, and how the church thrived and grew. In Act II of our series we will take a closer look at the church’s first expansion out of Jerusalem. If the church was in infancy at Pentecost. Stephen’s death, paired with the persecution by the authorities forced the church to grow up quickly. And that wasn’t without some growing pains.

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All Nations Church
in the Westover shopping center
7860 Olive Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63130 United States

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