Small Groups

On the last Sunday of every month, we gather for church in our monthly Large Group gathering…

But on the Sunday mornings in-between, we gather for church in homes and coffee shops around the city.

We intentionally gather for church in Sunday morning Small Groups because we believe you see Jesus in a Small Group in a way you cannot see Him anywhere else.

Small Groups are not a Bible study. They’re not a social hour. Small Groups are church, as it once was, before it became what it now is. In fact, for the first 200 years of Christianity, the church could only meet in homes.

And it changed the world.

Why? Because of what you can only do in a Small Group:

And when that’s your picture of church, suddenly the things like relationships and involvement and accountability and life-change happen organically.

What to Expect

We believe you experience Jesus in a Small Group in a way you cannot experience Him anywhere else.
You’ll drink coffee. You’ll laugh. You might serve the community. Most importantly, you’ll walk away wondering why you didn’t do church with a small group of people sooner! Our small groups are designed to be conversations where people of various faith backgrounds can share their reaction to the content. We treat the Bible like a voice in a conversation, not like an encyclopedia of information.
Each of our hosts are people who have been a part of our small groups and have gone through our training on how to host a small group conversation in such a way that it’s an enjoyable and helpful experience for everyone involved.
Each Small Group goes through the same content from the same series used in our monthly large group gathering.
We shuffle up our small groups twice a year to keep it fresh and to help you connect with other people from All Nations! After you try out a group for a week or two, if for any reason the group isn’t a good fit for you, we can connect you with another group.
Because we believe your voice matters, our small groups are designed to be conversations where you are the expert on your opinion. You won’t be quizzed. You are not required to say something. If there is homework, it’s a life-application.
Then you’re kicked out. Just kidding. It’s totally understandable that you can’t be there every week. The flu happens. Vacations happen. It’s life!
During our Small Group weeks, parents drop their kids off at All Nations Church before heading to their Small Groups. Much like our Large Groups, this is an exciting and age-appropriate experience that mirrors what the adults are discussing in their Small Groups. If you have any specific questions for your kids you can contact Ashley Paavola, our Youth & Family Director at

Ready to experience small group for yourself?

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