Questions Jesus Wants to Ask You

March 31, 2019

You have questions about Jesus. But have you ever considered that Jesus has questions for you?

Baptism Bash

February 24, 2019

The glittering.

Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition

January 27, 2019

How to know when God is speaking to you.

Prosper the City

October 30, 2018

This month, we transformed all of our Small Groups into Prosper the City Teams and told them to spend three Sundays to create a project before the fourth Sunday that would make an immediate impact in the neighborhood.

The Five Love Languages: Acts of Service

September 30, 2018

Loving others in the way they most feel love.

Whether it’s your friends, your children, your parents, or your spouse, if there’s room for improvement in your relationships, then don’t miss the start of our series “The Five Love Languages!”

Looking through the life of Jesus, you’ll explore the ground-breaking and simple idea that there are five ways to give and receive love. As you find your primary love language, and the primary love languages of the people in your life, you’ll stop talking past each other and start loving each other in the way way you feel most-loved.

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