We become the stories we tell ourselves.  

Unfortunately, most of the stories we tell ourselves are filled with negativity because our survival instinct looks for things that threaten our safety. But this self-preservation quickly becomes self-destruction–what was once a negative thought to protect ourselves becomes a stifling and assumptive thought, that becomes a choice based on an alternate reality. Eventually we find ourselves miserable and wondering why we’re missing out on the joy–filled and abundant life we hear Jesus talk about. 

But there’s good news.  

We can learn to take “every thought captive” and, in faith, make it a positive and faith-filled thought that leads to choices and an abundant life that Christ promises us.  

In our series Storyteller the story we tell will meet the story God tells. But we’ll go beyond motivational pep talks and take hold of the actual tools needed to reshape our thinking.  

Discover what happens when the story we tell meets the story God tells. 

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