If you’re not sure what a soul is, or if you even have one, it’s because of the way we overuse the word “soul”:

– We spend your life looking for your “soulmate”.
– Then we break up with them because they have no “soul”.
– We describe grandma’s cooking as “soul food”.
– We declared Aretha Franklin the “Queen of Soul” and James Brown the “Godfather of Soul”.

But according to Jesus, a soul isn’t something you HAVE… a soul is something you ARE.

After making this video about the Jewish idea of a soul (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47JCTRJuG-4) I realized not everyone agrees there is a soul in the first place. So I got together with Christians and non-Christians and asked them to react to what Jesus says about the soul.

But what Jesus says about the soul carries two questions for us to answer–do you think there’s a soul and–more importantly–can Jesus do anything about your soul? Here’s how my friends answered, comment below with how would you answer the question for yourself!

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