If your life was a story, in what section of the bookstore would you find it?? #7 of our countdown might change your answer.

Every day leading up to Christmas I’ll count down the “25 Things Jesus Says About Christmas” to see how it changes the way you and I celebrate the season when we go straight to the source!


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hey everybody Merry Christmas my name is
Chris pop Allah and welcome to what
Jesus says about what we’re talking
about the 25 things Jesus says about
Christmas to see how it changes the way
you and I celebrate the season when we
go straight to the source now in our
last video we talked about how Jesus
says he is sending us and then right
after that he gives us our next insight
into Christmas when he says everything
must be fulfilled that is written about
me and the law of Moses the prophets and
the Psalms this is a huge claim and it’s
easy to miss it we have magnitude of
what he’s claiming here he’s standing in
the middle of Jerusalem and the shadow
of the Jewish temple and he’s claiming
that the entirety of the Jewish
Scriptures Genesis and the creation and
Noah Abraham and then Moses and the Ten
Commandments and the exodus David and
the Psalms and all the prophets all of
that points forward to Jesus so how does
this change the way that you and I
celebrate Christmas well recognize that
your story is bigger than you your story
with all of the pages that are written
before and all of the blank pages that
follow your story is still being written
out maybe your story is still in act one
or maybe you’ve taken the adventurous
turn into act 2 or or maybe you’re
feeling the hopeless moments that begin
with act 3 and just like the stories of
Abraham and Moses and David all point
forward to Jesus because of Christmas no
matter what paragraphs have been written
about you your story now points back to
Jesus – I know if that’s a story full of
hope and joy that’s not all the Jesus
says about Christmas – go ahead and take
a look at this countdown video over here
of the other 25 things Jesus says about
Christmas thank you so much and we’ll
see you soon