Every day leading up to Christmas I’ll count down the “25 Things Jesus Says About Christmas” to see how it changes the way you and I celebrate the season when we go straight to the source!

You may think of kissing a loved one when you see a mistletoe, but #20 in the countdown will prompt you to think differently about the evergreen of the season.


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Merry Christmas Happy Holidays Feliz
Navidad my name is Chris pathala and
we’re talking about the 25 things Jesus
says about Christmas to see how it
changes the way you and I celebrate the
season when we go straight to the source
now in our last video we talked about
Jesus’s famous words of how God so loved
the world in John 3:16 but if we scan
our eyes to the very next verse Jesus
gives a follow-up statement about his
birth that comes in at number 20 on our
countdown when he says for God did not
send his Son into the world to condemn
the world but to save the world through
him now you might hear the word save and
that rubs you the wrong way because
you’re thinking I don’t need to be saved
no matter how many times you spray-paint
Jesus Saves on the overpass I’m still
not gonna be convinced and and that’s
fine but just make sure you’re not miss
hearing Jesus here before you respond
for yourself because Jesus didn’t call
himself a savior to save people from
their badness or to save people from
their sickness or to save people from
their sadness when we read Jesus’s words
here we see that he’s claiming he was
sent by God to save you from a
condemnation and more specifically a
condemnation to death hence the reason
songs like joy to the world say he was
born that man no more may die for Jesus
death is all the evidence you need for
this idea that there’s something called
sin that has its hold on the world you
and I included so God sends his son to
save the world from condemnation to
death how does this change the way you
and I celebrate the season well just
take a look at all of the symbols of
life all around you this time of year
from wreaths to Garland to Christmas
trees to mistletoes you can use all of
these symbols of life and the smell of
pine in the air to consider Jesus’s
words here and he came to save you from
a condemnation to death and bring you to
life and however you answer that claim a
more thoughtful Christmas celebration
awaits you now this is not all the Jesus
says about Christmas that’s why we’ve
made a playlist over here that you can
check out of the other 25 things Jesus
says about Christmas and don’t forget to
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