How much did you spend this Christmas?

Every day leading up to Christmas I’ll count down the “25 Things Jesus Says About Christmas” to see how it changes the way you and I celebrate the season when we go straight to the source!


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Merry Christmas everybody this is the
final entry and the 25 things Jesus says
about Christmas which means if you’re
following this in real time it’s
Christmas Day and I’m personally honored
and I’m proud of you even that you would
take the time to go through the season
like this with me and to allow Jesus’s
words to challenge you and to shape the
way you celebrate the season to go
deeper into not just coast this season
but to get introspective and to try to
extract something meaningful out of it I
know I’ve learned a lot I’ve had a ton
of fun putting these videos together and
I hope the same is true for you in fact
of these 25 videos if you could leave a
comment below which one of these videos
stood out to you the most which one was
most impactful I’d love to hear your
answers now if you remember we’ve been
ending our countdown by going through
the account of when Jesus stood in his
home synagogue and and read the Prophet
Isaiah’s prophecy about the Messiah and
to see how Jesus fulfills that criteria
and today we end Isaiah’s prophecy with
number one of our countdown when Jesus
reads he has sent me to proclaim the
year of the Lord’s favor now you might
be thinking the what the year of the
Lord’s favor we’re ending our countdown
on this but this is actually a really
powerful term and let me explain in a
couple weeks you’re likely going to be
getting a credit card bill from you know
a purchase that you made in December and
you’re gonna be hating yourself in
January for the way you overspent at
Christmas I know this because the
average debt that people incur in the
month of December is 1054 dollars now
imagine if you open your credit card
bill next month and instead of saying
1054 dollars it says paid in full I know
it’d be pretty incredible in the Jewish
system people would work for six years
and and there was just this
understanding that inequity would build
up in the system over the course of
those six years some folks would incur
debt and some folks would collect
interest and those debts they would be
cancelled in full and in Judaism God
would command this year of Jubilee or
the year of the Lord’s favor so that you
would remember God’s promise to remember
your sin
no more when Jesus was standing in the
synagogue reading those words he was
proclaiming that now now we are living
in the year of the Lord’s favor because
he has come to pay our debts in full and
ultimately what Jesus says about
Christmas is that this is just the
beginning of the year of the Lord’s
favor I hope that all of the 25 things
Jesus says about Christmas changes the
way you celebrate this day and changes
the way you hear these words Merry