Every day leading up to Christmas I’ll count down the “25 Things Jesus Says About Christmas” to see how it changes the way you and I celebrate the season when we go straight to the source!

In this video we’ll look at how Jesus claims he came to give glory, and how his idea of glory is different than ours.


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Merry Christmas everybody my name is
Chris Pavle and we’re counting down with
the 25 things Jesus says about Christmas
to see how it changes the way you and I
celebrate the season when we go straight
to the source now I love Christmas music
but quick confession I hate the song
angels we have heard on high
nothing is enjoyable to me about taking
a deep breath and going
everyone looking around going uh oh yeah
it’s just not fun now quick sidenote
every time angels are mentioned in the
Bible they are never singing every time
they’re mentioned they’re always
shouting because angels are warriors and
that’s what you do you shout what does
number 22 in our countdown shows us it’s
not just angels we have the wrong idea
about we also have the wrong idea about
this word called glory and we see why in
this one time where Jesus is praying
with his disciples just before he’s
arrested and he says father I have
glorified you on the earth I have
finished the work that you have given me
to do now here Jesus claims that he is
sent by God to do a very specific work
and that work is almost finished the
next time we hear him say this word
finished it’s actually his last words
when he’s hanging on a cross meaning
that with his death on the cross this
work that God has given him to do it is
finished and as we see with the words of
number 22 in our countdown not only is
this work finished but when this work is
finished it brings glory to God now when
you and I think about glory we think
about choirs of angels singing or we say
something is glorious like big giant
Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center all
lit up that’s glorious but Jesus dying
on a tree that’s courageous or maybe
powerful or honoring but glorious and
here’s where we start to see that
Jesus’s idea of glory is different than
the way you and I would define it to
Jesus this word glory is like high light
enhancer 2.2 or hold up a magnifying
glass to some but somehow the manner of
his birth his life and even his death
highlights or points to something about
the character and heart of God so how
does this idea of glory change the way
that you and I celebrate the season well
the next time you hear about angels or
you see angels this month use that as a
moment of self-reflection and ask
yourself who or what do I point to or
enhance with my life what do i glorify
and am I satisfied with that answer now
I hope this video has helped you
redefine and rethink this word glory if
you’ve liked this video go ahead and
like also this isn’t all that Jesus says
about Christmas we made a playlist over
here of the other daily video so you can
stay up to date on the 25 things Jesus
says about Christmas thanks