Looking for an inexpensive gift you can give this season? #14 in our countdown will give you some new ideas!

Every day leading up to Christmas I’ll count down the “25 Things Jesus Says About Christmas” to see how it changes the way you and I celebrate the season when we go straight to the source!


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everybody Merry Christmas my name is
crisp Avila it’s great to be with you
and we’re counting down the 25 things
Jesus says about Christmas to see how it
changes the way you and I celebrate the
season when we go straight to the source
now if you remember from earlier in our
countdown we talked about how all these
Christmas songs talk about Jesus as a
king and then we looked at how Jesus has
this message where he’s talking about
this kingdom of heaven and the kingdom
of God that he claims he’s ushering in
well the students who follow Jesus
around they hear him talking about this
and then they start thinking about well
there’s a kingdom there’s like a
hierarchy here right in fact this is one
time that his students start fighting
about where they’ll rank in this coming
kingdom and Jesus interrupts them and
stops their fighting is like guys okay
hold on if I’m your king than you’re my
subjects which means you have to follow
my lead because greatness and this
kingdom isn’t measured in being first
its measured in being last not in power
but in weakness and then he gives us
number 14 in our countdown when he says
the Son of man did not come to be served
but to serve and again when he says son
of man he’s referring to himself but
then he lays out this mandate for the
way things operate in his kingdom and
this changes the way you and I celebrate
Christmas how what’s easy find someone
to serve grab a shovel and go shovel
your neighbor’s driveway and don’t even
let them know that you did it or if
you’re in a warmer climate grab some
friends together and go caroling at a
nursing home or bake cookies for your
kids teacher at school the great thing
about this is that even if you aren’t
sure that Jesus is your king you can
include service as one of the gifts that
you give this season and when you
celebrate the season in this way at the
very least you’ll be the change you want
to see in the world and you begin to
think about a kind of a kingdom that you
want to be a part of for the very best
the very best you’re better prepared to
celebrate the birth of a king who came
to serve that’s not all that Jesus says
about Christmas that’s why we’ve got a
playlist right over here of the other 25
things that Jesus says about Christmas
go ahead and take a look and we will see
you soon bye-bye