I asked non-Christians and Christians to react to what Jesus says about HELL.

Summers in Texas feel like there. AC/DC sang about the highway there. You told your ex to go there.


Hades. A lake of fire. And something about brimstone. Over the centuries, the idea of hell has become a parity of itself. But how much of what Jesus says about hell resembles your high school book report on Dante’s Inferno?

In this video, we start that discussion. Some of the reactions gave me some new thoughts to consider, I think the same will be true for you.

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hey everybody my name is Chris and
welcome to what Jesus says about where
Jesus speaks for himself so you can
respond for yourself and I am so excited
because in our last video we had some
cameras rolling while non-christians and
Christians reacted to what Jesus says
about heaven and to date it’s our most
viewed video on our channel so thank you
so much for watching but any honest
conversation about what Jesus says about
the afterlife doesn’t just include
heaven it also includes this idea of
Hell and so once again we had the
cameras rolling while non-christians and
reacted to what Jesus says about help
take a look any honest reading of
Jesus’s teaching on the afterlife also
include this idea of help just in one of
his teachings he says I tell you my
friends do not be afraid of those who
kill the body and after words can do no
more but I’ll show you whom you should
fear fear Him who after your body has
been killed has authority to throw you
into hell do you believe that there is a
hell yes reluctantly struggle with it
don’t like it yes no nope
and I feel like I have to believe that
there’s a hell there’s a heaven but I
don’t want there to be like why do you
say that it’s a struggle emotionally
mentally spiritually all levels to deal
with them the word hell I guess it just
puts like the people who have killed
like the shooting in Germany that just
happened like right now I don’t want
them to go to hell but like I hope they
changed their ways but like they need to
be punished or what I trust him that
he’s a good god and that he will
accomplish justice which is just as
important as being loving he also has a
right to create a world where there are
beautiful things like justice and
justice is a beautiful thing until I lay
it upon myself I like that a lot because
that comes from an assumption of there’s
this like idea of justice and fairness
right we’re good people people who do
good end up in a good place and people
who do bad end up in a bad place I I
really like that assumption because it
makes things easier to kind of you know
to kind of to be able to say that
there’s a heaven there’s a hell these
these are for good people and bad people
right but so for me personally I don’t
think that’s true I don’t think good
people always end up in good places I
don’t think that people right and so for
me on a practical level hell doesn’t do
anything and my head is like isn’t there
another way isn’t there another way to
accomplish your goal instead of this
place I think the idea of Hell is
misguided and I think the idea
I mean so Jesus is misguided if he was
here and we were talking about this I’d
be like man I don’t I don’t agree with
you because I think it’s like for me
it’s like the idea of punishment what is
it for what are we trying to accomplish
and from what I know of Hell my probably
naive understanding is like it is just
eternal and I just don’t get that like
for me punishment is about
rehabilitation and this seems so
black-and-white and lacking of the idea
of what punishment is for that I would
just go man I think we need to like I
would I would push back a little bit
where do you think it comes from that
unless it’s fair it can’t be true aren’t
those two separate questions whether
it’s true or not and whether it’s fair
or not in terms of fairness yeah I don’t
I also don’t agree with that but I’d
also like there were plenty of things
that are chewed that aren’t thicker so
without logic I mean I feel like there
are plenty of things that are true that
aren’t fair
yeah yeah I mean in general we I I think
the same is true but I I don’t think it
applies in the special context of hell
what struck me in this is that he has
the authority it’s the authority piece
like I went right there I didn’t even
get to the hell part it was just who is
he and Who am I and that was a powerful
conversation I gotta say I am the guy
who this is my channel I like talking
about Jesus and sitting at that table I
can I can tell you that I learned and I
gained a new perspective by just
listening to others and I hope that’s
your experience here at this channel as
well thank you so much for being part of
this conversation I’d love to see your
reactions and your comments so make sure
you leave them below and if you missed
the previous video where we had people
reacting to what Jesus says about heaven
you can take a look over here on our
playlist thank you so much and we will
see you soon bye bye