Got some difficult relatives you’re gonna’ see back home this Christmas? It’s actually a fitting way to celebrate Jesus.

Every day leading up to Christmas I’ll count down the “25 Things Jesus Says About Christmas” to see how it changes the way you and I celebrate the season when we go straight to the source!


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Merry Christmas everybody my name is
crisp Avila and welcome to what Jesus
says about where we’re counting down
with the 25 things Jesus says about
Christmas to see how it changes the way
you and I celebrate the season when we
go straight to the source now packing
your suitcase and traveling back to
visit your family and friends has always
been a part of the holidays but that’s
fitting as we’ve seen number six of our
countdown Jesus traveled back to his
hometown to tell them why he was born
Jesus had been preaching and teaching
and healing and all these villages all
over and the word had gotten back to his
hometown of what had happened so when he
arrived in his hometown it was kind of a
big deal now you got to imagine that the
whole town was electric and the
synagogue was packed to the rafters
because people wanted to see if Jesus
was gonna do here what they heard he had
done elsewhere but as it gets up to
deliver a message instead Jesus gets up
and walks to the front of the synagogue
grabs a scroll of the prophet Isaiah
unrolls it and reads these words the
Spirit of the Lord is on me because he
has anointed me now we’ll get to the
rest of what Jesus says in the following
videos but I want to stop here and zoom
in on this word anointed because this
isn’t a word that we use in our culture
very much anymore and the ancient Hebrew
word oil would be poured on somebody and
they would be anointed for a specific
task and so like priests were anointed
or Kings were anointed actually that’s
still the practice that you see in some
monarchies today but Jewish people
believed that God was conferring his
power upon somebody when they were
anointed for a specific task when you
were anointed you were appointed for
something very specific but what makes
Jesus reading these words so interesting
is that the Jewish people were also
waiting for the Anointed One the Messiah
or Messiah the one that God had promised
he would send from the line of David to
rule his people and in the Greek
language the word for Anointed One
Christ and 500 years after isaiah writes
these words here’s jesus back in his
home synagogue in a village of nazareth
proclaiming that he
is the one that Isaiah wrote about he is
the coming king he is the Promised One
he is the Messiah he is the Anointed One
he is the appointed one so as Jesus
packs his bags and travels back to his
hometown that’s the news that’s the bomb
that he drops and everybody in this you
can imagine it made some people very
but it’s here that we can see how these
words of Jesus changed the way that you
and I celebrate the season because think
about it however you react to Jesus’s
claim that he’s the Messiah somebody in
that synagogue packed wall-to-wall with
people somebody in that synagogue had
the same exact reaction that you did but
the difference would be that the people
in the synagogue sat there and they were
like okay well what’s the criteria of
the Messiah and they held Jesus up to
the criteria of the Messiah so what
we’re gonna do the rest of these videos
in our countdown is look at Isaiah’s
criteria for the Messiah and hold it up
to Jesus II you can respond for yourself
I think it’s a great way for you and I
to honor his birth and celebrate the
seasons you just sit there and go okay
if I was sitting in that synagogue how
would I react to Jesus’s words how do I
respond to Jesus’s claim that he’s the
Messiah in the meantime I’ve got some
other videos over here of the other 25
things Jesus says about Christmas make
sure you check those out also don’t
forget to hit like and subscribe thank
you so much and have a Merry Christmas