The devil has been made into a cartoon.
Or an excuse for bad behavior.
Or a weapon to modify behavior.

But how does it change our view of the prince of darkness if we step away from the picture of a red man with horns and a pitchfork and we look at what Jesus says about Satan?

Listen in as we bring Christians and non-Christians together and have them react to what Jesus says about the devil.

Do you have a similar reaction, or something else to say? Leave a comment and let me know!

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hey everybody my name is crisp Avila and
welcome to what Jesus says about where
Jesus speaks for himself so you can
respond for yourself and don’t forget to
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on what Jesus says about topics
important to you topics like the devil
and since what Jesus says about the
devil is so polarizing I thought it’d be
great to get together with a group of
Christians and non-christians so they
could react to the words of Jesus and we
had the cameras rolling so you can see
how that conversation went
take a look speaking of the devil one
account jesus said if god were your
father you would love me for I have come
here from God I have not come on my own
God sent me but you you belong to your
father the devil and you want to carry
out your father’s desires when he lies
he speaks his native tongue for his a
liar and the father of lies I just asked
real quick do you believe there is a
devil yes yes but what was they know you
would say no there is no devil nope no
devil yeah yes there is yes kinda
thought yeah there’s a light in a dark
to everybody and I would like to think
that it you know the dark is definitely
influenced by the devil I don’t think
he’s a presence of evil but I think he
is ruler of all that which is evil in
the world he was a fallen angel that he
was created as an angel that’s your
understanding is that he’s a fallen
angel yeah
God created being a created being
created being who rebelled against God
no offense to your beliefs but I’ve
always viewed the devil as an excuse
I kind of agree yeah it’s the devil made
me do it no you made you do that I think
oftentimes Christians can use the devil
as a scapegoat right and say oh well
there’s there’s there’s the evil one
again doing this thing making this
happen to me it’s just a reality but
it’s not meant to be an excuse whatever
you want to call it God devil good evil
what have you
I believe that there’s a middle it’s not
good it’s not evil it’s it’s kind of
what you were describing it’s just it’s
a neutral a neutral
I mean it’s ruined for lack of a better
term examples yeah I think this is all
great we’re all kind of putting our own
Western world view trying to understand
these words but Jesus says if you love
me you God as your father if you don’t
love me your father is the devil and I
don’t think Jesus is really giving much
room for Switzerland it’s either one or
the other you know am I really not I
feel like they always say Devils the god
of this world like earthly things you
know what worldly things and worldly
people people that aren’t followers of
Jesus are basically working for the
devil oh okay what do you guys think of
that people where I’m following
Jesus are working for the devil and
they’re the ones proves it I don’t know
are you offended when you hear that
no no he’s entitled to some pity
Christmas my whole life as long as the
same respect is given to me I want to go
back to Jesus’s words because I think
that’s a little bit easier instead of
like getting up set up mic and pick on
him because thank you yeah and Mike’s
defense he didn’t say this right and
Mike’s defense he didn’t say this when
Jesus says even more directly then than
Mike here when Jesus says if you love me
you’re child of my father in heaven if
you don’t love me your father as the
devil are you offended at him so there
you go let me ask a really simple
question I’d love to see your comment
below how do you react to those words
I’d love for you to leave your comment
below also while you’re doing that I’ve
got some videos over here of what Jesus
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