You’ve given gifts. You’ve received gifts. But what Jesus says about Christmas makes you think about yourself as a third option: a messenger.

Every day leading up to Christmas I’ll count down the “25 Things Jesus Says About Christmas” to see how it changes the way you and I celebrate the season when we go straight to the source!


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I’m a husband. I’m a father through adoption and foster care. I’m also a pastor of a church. My life mission is to “do whatever it takes so as many as possible can see Jesus”. This channel is one of the ways I live that out. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

Merry Christmas my name is Chris pop
Allah you found the 25 things Jesus says
about Christmas to see how it might
change the way that you and I celebrate
the season when we go straight to the
source so here we are we are officially
if you’re following our countdown in
real time we are one week away from
Christmas and that means that your
delivery drivers are working overtime
quick tip do something nice for them
leave them a tip bake them some cookies
do something nice they’re working
overtime guys and they have to work
overtime because in the month of
December over 800 million packages will
be delivered 800 million in Amazon may
have changed the shipping industry but
as we’ll see in number 8 of our
countdown packages have always been a
part of the Christmas season in fact in
one of the biographies of Jesus we see
this account after what I believe is the
resurrection Jesus is sitting with his
students and he tells them this message
he says as the father has sent me I am
sending you and here Jesus isn’t just
saying that he was sent by God he’s
saying that you and I now have those
same marching orders as the father sent
him now he’s sending us you and I are
messengers with his message to share and
even if you’re not a follower pieces I
think we can all take away something
from these words here because think
about it you and I don’t get to decide
what his message is in fact that’s why
we have this entire channel called what
Jesus says about where Jesus speaks for
himself so you can respond for yourself
and hallmark doesn’t get to decide what
his message is televangelist don’t get
to decide what his messages he gets to
decide what his message is we can decide
whether or not we like the message but
it’s his message to send would be like
the UPS taking some of the 800 million
packages this month and opening them up
and switching out the contents and then
delivering them you’d be like I didn’t
order this and the person sending it
would be like that’s not what I meant to
send which leads us to how these words
from Jesus changed the way that you and
I celebrate the season and the next few
moments are whenever you have a moment
in all the revelry of the season if
someone came up to you or like a fifth
grader came up to you and said what is
the message of Jesus what would you say
and to make the exercise more insightful
instead of paraphrasing what you think
it is go straight to the source and look
at the biographies of Jesus and try to
find what do you think the message of
Jesus is find and cite the source and
regardless of
you think about Jesus or whatever
conclusion you’ve come to taking a few
moments this season as we celebrate his
birth to consider his message it’s a
great way to honor his birth now this is
not all that Jesus says about Christmas
that’s why I’ve got a playlist over here
of the other 25 things that Jesus says
about Christmas I’d be honored if you
would take a look
thanks so much oh don’t forget to hit
like and subscribe Merry Christmas and
we’ll see you soon