Jesus takes on the Coronavirus!

Our lives are dominated by COVID-19 right now. We might venture out to buy groceries and paper towels, but for most of the day we’re quarantined in our homes with hand sanitizer, watching the news and waiting for a vaccine. This is the new normal for the foreseeable future, and probably further.

But while we practice self-isolation and social distancing to ride out this pandemic, you and I can actually use this new experience (for us) to consider the significance and impact of Jesus like never before.

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with everything going on with the
coronavirus and covet 19 what does Jesus
say about disease and why would it
matter we should talk about it hey my
name is Chris Pavle and welcome to what
Jesus says about where Jesus speaks for
himself so you can respond for yourself
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like what Jesus says about disease and
when it comes to disease Jesus’s actions
speak louder than his words and it’s a
message that we usually miss in the 21st
century until we encounter a disease
that causes so much concern a disease
like the corona virus now in the ancient
world if you had an infectious disease
you were declared unclean or you were
called untouchable and if you had an
infectious disease like let’s say
leprosy and you saw someone coming near
you you had to shout out at the top of
your lungs unclean unclean so they could
avoid contamination from you and you’re
untouchable disease and so if you had an
infectious disease you would have to
leave the community and quarantine
yourself in the wilderness and intense
isolation and social distancing so you
wouldn’t contaminate anyone else sound
enter Jesus and what makes him so
remarkable to the first century audience
and what we usually miss when we read
about him is that he was unafraid of
disease and in the biographies of Jesus
you read over and over how he would heal
people who had deadly infectious
diseases and and when he would heal them
that wasn’t with a wave of his hand or a
magic word when Jesus would heal people
he would touch them he would touch the
untouchable and not with like rubber
gloves and hand sanitizer and a mask on
now you would just reach out in
compassion and skin-to-skin touch them
and once you wish follow her name’s
Matthew is watching all of this and he
starts to think back to the words of a
prophet named Isaiah there was written
hundreds of years before Jesus and he
described what the Messiah would do and
so in his biography of Jesus Matthew
makes sure to mention this when he
jesus healed all the sick to fulfill
what was spoken through the prophet
Isaiah he took on our sickness and
carried our diseases
this means that Matthew discovered
something about Jesus because of the
sickness he realized that the promised
Messiah wouldn’t just come to heal our
disease was more than that he would
enter into our suffering and touch our
untouchable disease so why does any of
this matter right now well just like
Matthew I believe that you and I can
transform this into an experience where
we can discover something about Jesus
the easiest way to do this is to use
this new perspective we have because of
our social distancing and our self
isolation and pick up one of the
biographies of Jesus Matthew Mark Luke
John and as you read you’ll be able to
examine Jesus with with a new
understanding and a new appreciation of
of just how valuable it is that Jesus
didn’t just come to heal us that he was
unafraid to give us the very thing that
you and I want more than anything else
in this season of self isolation and
social distancing presence