Every day leading up to Christmas I’ll count down the “25 Things Jesus Says About Christmas” to see how it changes the way you and I celebrate the season when we go straight to the source!

Before you take on the mall parking lot or the staff holiday party, #15 in our countdown will give you some important words to consider.


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Merry Christmas my friends my name is
crisp Avila and you found a countdown
through the twenty five things Jesus
says about Christmas to see how it
changes the way you and I celebrate the
season when we go straight to the source
now number fifteen in our countdown
comes to us when a religious leader who
lives in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus
he secretly believes that Jesus might be
the promised Messiah so in the middle of
the night he secretly goes to Jesus in
the cover of darkness and asks him some
burning questions that he has and him
and Jesus they have a back-and-forth
going you know having a little bit of a
discussion and then Jesus makes the
claims that he is the one sent by God
and then he gives us this little nugget
in this little insight into Christmas
when he says the Son of Man must be
lifted up now when he says the Son of
Man that’s a way of referring to himself
but he’s ultimately here also referring
to the manner of his death where he dies
on the cross and is literally lifted up
but then as followers of Jesus we would
also say he’s referring to his
resurrection when he is raised from the
dead but on the flip side he’s also
referring to the manner of his birth and
the Christmas season how well in order
for him to be lifted up he first has to
be made low and not just lower like low
like so low that he can only go up low
like leaving heaven to become an embryo
and a peasant’s womb low like being born
in a pungent barn low unable to feed
himself or change himself low he was
humble but first he had to be humbled
he had humility it first came a million
and this dramatically changes the way
that you and I celebrate the season
because of what Jesus says is true
nobody’s traveled further nobody nobody
was higher and nobody went lower meaning
that there’s not a single person above
him and no one’s beneath him you and I
included no one is beyond the reach of
Jesus even if you’re at rock-bottom and
you feel like you can’t get any lower
you’re in good company this Christmas
and this also changes the way you treat
your enemies or your coworker who annoys
you or the person who cuts you off in
the mall parking lot forgive them I know
humiliating but you’re in good company
this Christmas now this is a big thought
but I would be honored if you would take
a look at the other 25 things Jesus says
about Christmas I bet a little playlist
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