Love does not judge. Except when it does.

It’s easy to say you never judge people but, when you think about it, you make judgment calls all the time. You judge whether to trust the car salesman. You judge whether to go on a date with someone. And when you love someone, you immediately begin making judgments about them.


Because you want what’s best for them. So if your child is destroying their hair or if your friend starts destroying their life, you’re going to try and help them. Because you love them. Which means you’ve judged their choices and decided to help.

That being said, judgment can also be a bad thing.

So what’s the difference? When should and when shouldn’t you judge someone? That’s where the words of Jesus can help you decide when it’s right and when it’s wrong to judge another person.

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important to you now the closer we get
to Valentine’s Day the more you’ll see
like candy everywhere and you’ll hear
conversations about love and that’s why
we have conversation or if you couldn’t
by these last year’s so I bought them
this year are good but I don’t know how
to actually start a conversation with
these like it just says peace like know
how you start a conversation with that
delicious though chalky anyway since
we’re all about conversation here at
what Jesus says about I figured okay
what are people talking about people are
talking about love so what does Jesus
say about love do you think this would
be pretty straightforward just accept
people and all that kind of stuff but
actually when you look at what Jesus
says about love it kind of feels
unloving because according to Jesus love
is judgmental so I figured let’s do
another reaction video and have the
cameras rolling while we have Christians
and non-christians react to Jesus
teaching that love is judgmental and as
you’ll see what Jesus says is a much
better conversation starter than these
conversation hearts take a look and out
one of Jesus’s idea of love involved
this this idea of judgment and so here’s
here’s the teaching and do not judge or
you too will be judged so why do you
look at the speck of sawdust in your
brother’s eye and pay no attention to
the plank in your own eye first take the
plank out of your own eye then you will
see clearly to remove the speck from
your brother’s hi do you guys think the
message here is it’s okay to judge or is
the message don’t judge that’s not how I
want to be I don’t want to be judgmental
and when I feel other people judging me
it doesn’t make me feel good so first I
have to start with myself that’s that’s
the message that I get it if you’re
really going to help somebody else and I
think he even says like you know you’re
gonna be judged by the same criteria
you’re judged on right so it’s like
you’re cool with being judged by your
own criteria
then I think yeah then you hold somebody
to that standard I think a lot of this
is people just have no emotional
intelligence or understand enough about
themselves so if you don’t understand
you it’s very easy to have somebody else
on the outside telling you what’s wrong
with you and can a Christian make a
judgment call on somebody who doesn’t
follow Jesus I don’t think that they can
they’re not walking the same path that
the Christian is I don’t think so no
just based on strictly on what Jesus
says here is like no do you not judge or
you too will be judged like that’s the
first thing he says I mean he talks
about your brothers I think he’s
speaking to people of faith so when you
felt judged as a single mother by the
Christian Church you didn’t walk away
from Jesus what kept you following Jesus
in spite of how his followers the
churches and everything in the church is
full of sinners and hypocrites and
that’s you know that’s what people fail
to realize is the church is not God and
so yeah you might be in a church that is
not doing things correctly or the way
that Jesus would want them because
they’re human and you have to forgive
them too but your relationship with
Jesus is so much more than that so it
doesn’t matter what people of the church
tell you because they have things in
their own life too
it depends it matters what your
relationship with Jesus looks like but
I’ve always understood Jesus to be like
you know love thy neighbor which i think
is great like love thy neighbor and but
but wouldn’t this be wouldn’t an aspect
of love going back to there now if you
have a parent being there’s a time where
you have to make a judgment call right
so I think the temptu the difficulty is
for a Christian to know how do I love my
neighbor when they’re not following the
same set of rules I think a lot of times
when we talk about these stories and
kind of the words of Jesus is
interpreted in a very
absolute way in a very black-and-white
way and I think to the point of
relationships that is fundamentally and
if the the hidden variable and all that
so when I speak to a person that’s
addicted that’s that’s living on the
street or that may be living in a
shelter and they said what man you ain’t
never been in my shoe yeah I append in
your shoes and I was in for a very long
time a period in my life while I was
living on the street I had addictions
you know I’m saying when I when I was
years away from my family you know and
I’ve been in those shoes and when people
heard that you know I’m saying now it’s
like okay what do you have the sights on
me now so as you can see it’s a very
multi-layered and deep conversation and
I think I think ultimately what Jesus is
saying is that when you’re in a
relationship with someone you have to
make judgment calls about what’s best
for them because you love them and
that’s where the tension is but that’s
what I think what about you how do you
respond to what Jesus says about love
that love is judgmental how do you
respond to the conversation I’d love to
hear your thoughts to just leave a
comment below and also I’ve got a
playlist over here of some other
reaction videos you guys go ahead and
take a look at that I’m gonna have
another chalky roll Wade Hart here and
we’ll see you soon
whoo that hurt my teeth oh look this one
starts a conversation it says call me Oh
banana I don’t like the banana