Chances are, you’ve never tried to do what Jesus says to do about worry.

Worry doesn’t just steal our happiness. Like falling dominoes, worry robs our health, our diet, our blood pressure, our relationships, and more.

So it shouldn’t surprise us that Jesus, who says he came to GIVE us a full life, would like to stop worry and anxiety from robbing us of that life.

But his teaching is so subtle, so fast, it’s rarely practiced. Let’s see what happens when you give it a try.

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where Jesus wants to teach you about
worry only takes about a minute hey my
name is Chris Paulo and welcome to what
Jesus says about where Jesus speaks for
himself so you can respond for yourself
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what Jesus says about topics important
to you topics like what Jesus says about
worry and I don’t know what’s causing
you to worry right now maybe it’s a loss
of something or to fear something that
you feel threatened whatever it is
there’s this one time where Jesus is
teaching a particularly anxious group of
people and he tells them do not worry
look at the birds they neither sow or
reap or store in barns and yet your
heavenly Father feeds them and on the
surface we’re like okay that’s nice
Jesus look at the birds okay what else
you got but this is actually one of
those teachings that I think people know
but actually don’t practice because in
one of the biographies of Jesus written
by a man named Luke the word for look
that he uses there is consider or wave
or gaze upon until something is
discovered weird that you and I would
use for that as meditate so here’s what
I’d like to do right now I’d actually
like to practice this teaching of Jesus
and so whatever you’re feeling right now
whatever you’re doing right now let’s
just press pause on all of it and we’re
gonna put up a live cam of birds right
now who are doing their bird thing and
and we’re gonna see what we discover
when we do what Jesus suggests and
consider the birds it’s just one minute
you can do this you ready here we go
yes so what did you discover for me
personally there is something about
their carefree nature and there’s
something about like just the way they
went about their business but but now
that we’ve considered the birds
Jesus has three follow-up questions that
he asks ready so the first question he
asks is kind of rhetorical he says are
you not more valuable than the birds and
he’s not saying the birds aren’t
valuable he’s just saying that on the
sliding scale of life there’s birds but
you are more valuable than birds to your
heavenly Father and then the second
question he asks is can any of you by
worrying add a single hour to your life
worry subtracts our energy it subtracts
our attention it subtracts from our
happiness you get exercise to extend
your life you can eat healthy to extend
your life but worry will not extend your
life and then we get to our third
question and this one’s not rhetorical
this one’s actually for reflection and
he says since you cannot do this very
little thing why do you worry about the
rest and here Jesus is being kind of
blunt he’s bringing us to a recognition
of what we can and can’t control and
when we’re faced with that uncertainty
of what we can’t control we have two
choices either worry or trust and so I’d
love to hear your answer in your
comments below why do you worry about
the rest gonna take a little bit of
honesty but I really I think we’ll all
benefit from this discussion so I look
forward to hearing what you have to say
we’ll see you soon