Having too much eggnog once is a mistake. But as you’ll see in #09 of our countdown, there’s another word for those mistakes we willingly and repeatedly do. And it’s a word that gives us an insight into Christmas.

Every day leading up to Christmas I’ll count down the “25 Things Jesus Says About Christmas” to see how it changes the way you and I celebrate the season when we go straight to the source!


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Merry Christmas everybody my name is
Chris Pamela welcome to what Jesus says
about what we’re talking about 25 things
Jesus says about Christmas to see how it
changes the way you and I might
celebrate the season when we go straight
to the source now this time of year have
you ever felt like you were chasing
after the perfect Christmas I know I
have and then all of a sudden you have
this crazy anxiety over silly things
like whether kids smiled in a picture or
whether the present was the wow factor
we were going for or whether Uncle Joe
had you know too much eggnog but number
nine shows us how imperfection is
definitely a part of the season so in
the biographies of Jesus there’s this
account where he says I did not come to
call the righteous but sinners
now you might cringe at the word sin or
sinners and I get that that Christians
have used those terms as weapons for a
long time and I’m sorry about that but
it’s the word Jesus uses because we need
a word to describe those things that are
bigger than a mistake like what do you
call those things that you willingly and
intentionally and knowingly do even
though you don’t want to or even though
that you think that they are wrong like
when a politician gets on the TV and
apologizes for the mistake that they
made with their mistress that’s not a
mistake that that was a decision that
they made a mistake is whoops I forgot
to check the lights before I hung them
up or whoops I put a little bit too much
in this eggnog but for those things that
I willingly knowingly intentionally
repeatedly do I need another word for
that because a mistake doesn’t cut it
and that’s why Jesus uses this word sin
and don’t miss hear him he’s not saying
you’re a sinner because you sin he’s
saying you sin because you’re a sinner
it’s your condition and Jesus is saying
he’s not coming to call those who are
self-righteous he’s coming for those who
recognize and know they’re sinners he
came to sinners he hung out with sinners
he was described as a friend of sinners
sinners like you and sinners like me and
how does this change the way you and I
celebrate the season well recognize that
those who are forgiven the most
celebrate the most
this isn’t all that Jesus says about
Christmas as well we got a playlist over
here of the other 25 things Jesus says
about Christmas go ahead and take a look
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much and we’ll see you soon mmm