The one thing Jesus says you can do to start loving your enemies is easier than you think.

You may have revenge on the mind, but in this video Jesus will tell you why you should stop thinking about payback and love your enemies, instead.

Even better, what Jesus teaches here is something that’s easy to do and you can start immediately, wherever you are.

Read the entire account from Luke 6:27-36 for yourself:

Here’s the video on “What Jesus Says About Loving Your Neighbor”:

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– Today Jesus is gonna
give you an exercise
you can try right where you are.
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Hey everybody, my name is Chris Paavola
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Now today we’re gonna be talking about
what Jesus says about love
and we made a video a
little while ago talking
about what Jesus says
about loving your neighbor
[And I’ll link to that video
in the show notes below.]
Bu everybody loves that Jesus,
everybody loves the message
to love people who are different than you
and accept everybody.
But today what Jesus says about
love makes everybody uneasy,
including yourself.
So Jesus is teaching this crowd of people
and he’s critiquing the
rich and the powerful
and everybody listening is like,
“Yeah Jesus, you tell ’em!”
But then Jesus says, “Love your enemies.”
And everyone’s like, “Wait, what?”
And the people in the back are
like, “Can you say that again
“’cause it sounded like you
said to love your enemies.”
And Jesus is like, “Yeah,
yeah, love your enemies.
“In fact, do good to those who hate you,
“bless those who curse you,
“and pray for those who mistreat you.”
And even the best-dressed Christians
you know will struggle with this teaching.
They’ll agree in principle
that you should love your enemies,
but when somebody’s
actually mistreating you,
actually cursing at you,
and actually harming you,
it’s really hard to love them.
We can sit there and debate
and try to figure out
what Jesus is and isn’t saying
and when this does and doesn’t apply,
but in doing so we would miss
this very practical teaching
that Jesus says you can
do right where you are.
So, let’s try this.
Right now, just think of
somebody who has mistreated you,
somebody you hate,
somebody who’s your enemy.
Just think of them, get them in your mind.
Okay, now once you’ve
got them, pray for them.
And not a prayer like, you know,
they would learn their lesson
or God would strike them down.
No, no, no, no, no.
A prayer that God would bless them.
Just say, “God, please bless”
and then say their name.
Go ahead.
Did you feel that?
You hated the words as
they left your lips,
you, you didn’t want to say it.
But, something else happened.
Not only did their name leave your lips,
but so did a little bit of the power
that they have over you.
And you replaced that anger and resentment
that you have in your heart with love.
And ultimately Jesus is
teaching what you give
to your enemies-good or
bad-you give to yourself.