Every day leading up to Christmas I’ll count down the “25 Things Jesus Says About Christmas” to see how it changes the way you and I celebrate the season when we go straight to the source!

After #19 of the countdown, you’ll have a whole new thought to consider whenever you hear the song, “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”.


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Merry Christmas my name is Chris Pavle
and we’re talking about the 25 things
that Jesus says about Christmas to see
how it changes the way you and I
celebrate the season when we go straight
to the source now this time of year
every kid in the back of their mind
they’re thinking am I on Santa’s naughty
list or nice list but as we see in
number 19 of our countdown Jesus thinks
there’s another list that you and I
should be concerned with so this is one
time that Jesus is sitting on a hillside
he’s teaching a bunch of people about
different social issues and then right
before he goes into this long discussion
about the Jewish law called the Torah he
kind of gives this disclaimer and and
he’s like don’t miss here me guys listen
listen I did not come to abolish the law
but to fulfill it
now this Jewish law that Jesus is
talking about is a lot like our law I
had a list of things that you’re not
supposed to do like we would say don’t
go speeding or don’t rob a convenience
store or something like that but but
this Jewish law also had a list of
things that you should do and so it
wasn’t just what you shouldn’t do it’s
what you should do and for the people of
Israel this Jewish law was the criteria
that would determine whether you were on
God’s naughty or nice list and that’s
what makes Jesus’s words so profound is
because he’s saying he came to fulfill
the law all of the legal requirements he
took care of them for all of the
lawbreakers he says that he’s doing so
not to do away with the idea of right
and wrong but to right
what’s wrong now you may not follow the
Ten Commandments for the Jewish law but
you have your own moral compass and even
by your own standards you’ve fallen
short if you’re anything like me give me
about a minute I can come up with a
pretty long list of things that I
shouldn’t have done that I did do and
things I should have done that I didn’t
do so how does this change the way that
we celebrate our season well this one’s
easy and it’s kind of silly but about
300 times this next month you’re going
to hear Bruce Springsteen sing
when he gets to the part of the song
where he says he’s making a list he’s
checking it twice
use that moment to sit there and
consider all of the broken promises that
you made that you didn’t fulfill the
things you said you should have done
that you didn’t do and the things you
shouldn’t have done that you did do you
don’t have to wait till New Year’s Eve
to think about all the things that you
want to change you can start right now
and when you do that you’re thinking
about Jesus in a new way and you’re on
your way to a more fulfilling Christmas
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Christmas that’s why we got a playlist
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Jesus says about Christmas make sure you
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