Maybe finding peace starts with how we define peace?

Google “peace” and you’ll get all sorts of images of euphoric people with their eyes closed or holding hands and singing Kumbaya. Those are all well and good, but they’re all… fragile. One fender bender, one late fee, or one argument is all it takes to turn all that calm into chaos.

But what Jesus says about peace doesn’t quite match up with those images. Like, at all. And so finding peace starts with redefining peace, entirely.

And when we do, we end up with a peace that isn’t so fragile.

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ever wonder how Jesus could be the
Prince of Peace if there’s so much war
we should talk about it hey everybody my
name is crisp Avila welcome to what
Jesus says about where Jesus speaks for
himself so you can respond for yourself
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like peace now before we talk about what
Jesus says about peace we need to talk
about what Jesus thought about when
Jesus thought about peace I think I said
that right in Hebrew which is one of the
languages Jesus spoke the word for peace
is this word Shalom and Shalom is not so
much like peace as in the absence of
conflict Shalom is peace as in like
wholeness or completeness so like if you
have a puzzle a jigsaw puzzle when it’s
all put together
that’s Shalom but a jigsaw puzzle
missing a piece that’s not Sloane or not
peace or whatever think about any time
in your life when you have conflict or
chaos with where you’re fighting with
somebody it’s not so much that there’s
the presence of conflict you don’t have
peace or Shalom because someone or
something is missing things are out of
place things aren’t as they should be
which means when you reconcile with
someone suddenly things are back to the
way they should be you have peace you
have Shalom what’s really interesting is
that in Jewish thought it’s not just
that we have not Shalom or a lack of
peace with people we also have not
Shalom or a lack of peace with God
because we rebelled against him and
things are not as they should be that
something is missing something is broken
and so we are people who are longing for
Shalom Shalom within ourselves Shalom
with people and Shalom with God so now
that we know what Jesus thought about
when Jesus thought about peace let’s
look at what Jesus actually says about
peace perhaps the most comforting
teaching on peace that Jesus gives to
you comes in the night where he’s
betrayed it’s just before his arrest and
his execution his followers all freaking
out and he tells them
everything I’ve taught you I’ve told you
these things so that in me you may have
peace in this world you will have
but take heart because I have overcome
the world and isn’t that interesting he
actually promises conflict
he promises turmoil and trouble in this
world you will have trouble what Jesus
is about to do his death and a cross and
what we would say is his resurrection
gives us peace with God with each other
and with the world even when we find
ourselves in conflict and in the midst
of war we can have peace I admit I wish
Jesus would promise no more Wars no more
conflict but instead he promises
something else he promises peace then
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thank you guys so much we’ll see you