You think Christmas is expensive? Think again.

Every day leading up to Christmas I’ll count down the “25 Things Jesus Says About Christmas” to see how it changes the way you and I celebrate the season when we go straight to the source!


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five golden rings actually those aren’t
the rings they were talking about but it
works hey everybody my name is Chris
Paula welcome to what Jesus says about
what we’re talking about the 25 things
Jesus says about Christmas because we
want to see how it changes the way you
and I celebrate the season when we go
straight to the source and we are on
number five of our countdown which means
we’re getting really really close to
Christmas Day now in our last video we
talked about how Jesus went back to his
hometown and if you missed it you can
check it out in this little card that
pops up right here
but when Jesus went to his hometown he
basically declared that he is the
Messiah and everybody in the synagogue
holds up
Isaiah’s criteria for the Messiah to
Jesus and they make a conclusion for
themselves if they think he is Messiah
based on this criteria and what we’re
gonna do in the rest of our countdown is
look at the different things that Isaiah
said the Messiah would be as we continue
our countdown of the 25 things Jesus
says about Christmas right after Jesus
reads that the Spirit of the Lord is on
me he has anointed me he says these
words he has sent me to proclaim good
news to the poor now I don’t know if you
knew this but Jesus was raised in
poverty himself in fact right after his
birth instead of presenting a normal
offering his parents went to the temple
and presented a peasant’s offering
instead so when Jesus reads these words
that he has sent me to proclaim good
news to the poor
that good news begins not just that he
is for the poor but that he is with them
and so being from poverty himself
Jesus’s entire ministry he is always
praising the poor like in the
biographies of Jesus we have accounts
where he’s praising the offering of a
poor Widow and criticizing the offering
of a rich man he chastised the rich and
he told them that their wealth made it
difficult to enter the kingdom of God
and on the flip side he told the poor
they were already blessed because theirs
was the kingdom of heaven and there’s a
time where Jesus was saddened by a rich
man who couldn’t sell everything you
have and give to the poor and Jesus
praised a rich man named Zacchaeus when
he did just that so when Jesus says he
is sent to proclaim good news to the
these aren’t just words he cared for
affirmed and elevated the poor
throughout his entire ministry so out of
these words change the way that you and
I celebrate the season well you may not
see yourself as rich but if you have a
smartphone or a computer if you have
multiple pairs of shoes if you have
running water then to the half of the
planet that lives on less than $5 a day
you’re wealthy ninety-five percent of
the planet makes less than $35,000 a
year so in the next few days whenever
you see a Salvation Army person ringing
a bell proclaim good news to the poor
and give and not just some spare change
or a few bucks but blow them away give a
lavish amount whatever that is for you
give so much that if you received it you
consider it good news give until it
hurts and yes it’ll be hard but when you
do this you can ask yourself on an
experience level why is this a necessary
trait of the Messiah and frankly it’s a
message you shouldn’t answer and can’t
answer until you’ve tried now this isn’t
all that Jesus says about Christmas
we’ve got a playlist right here of the
other 25 things that Jesus says about
Christmas go ahead and take a look and
we will see you soon Merry Christmas