Every day leading up to Christmas I’ll count down the “25 Things Jesus Says About Christmas” to see how it changes the way you and I celebrate the season when we go straight to the source!

In this video we’ll look at what Jesus says about those irreligious that religious people tend to avoid, and how it changes the way you and I enjoy the season.


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Merry Christmas everybody my name is
crisp Avila and every day this December
we’re counting down with the 25 things
Jesus says about Christmas to see how it
changes the way you and I celebrate the
season when we go straight to the source
now come January you and I might think
that credit card companies are evil but
as we’ll see at number 23 of our
today’s credit card companies have
nothing on tax collectors in the first
century in fact the more you look at the
history of it the more you realized that
tax collectors were basically sanctioned
extortion so as you can imagine when
Jesus and his entourage accepted an
invitation of a tax collector to go have
dinner at his house
it was pretty scandalous was one thing
to like interact with the tax collector
but I have dinner with him was the sign
of the intimacy and even endorsement
Jesus hears these naysayers and critics
and responds to them with number 23 in
our countdown when he tells them the Son
of man has come to seek and save the
now if you’re not a Christian you’ve
heard this word lost before and
sometimes Christians will use that word
too as like a synonym for like bad or
dirty or negative people the lost but if
you look at these words I think that
that’s missing the heart of what Jesus
is saying here well anytime Jesus talks
about the lost he always talks about
something of value is missing that
there’s something precious to God that’s
that’s gone and he cares about it too
much to not go on a search-and-rescue
mission to find what’s missing so how
does this change the way that you and I
celebrate the season well you may not
think of yourself as lost and that’s
fine I get that but sometime in the next
few weeks when you are reunited with a
long-lost loved one and you wrap your
arms around their neck and the hallways
are echoing with laughter from that
moment right there just stop and take
note of what it feels like to be
reunited with a long-lost loved one now
that’s not all that Jesus says about
Christmas he says a whole lot more in
fact that’s why we’ve got a playlist
over here of the other daily videos
talking about the 25 things that Jesus
says about Christmas I’d be honored if
you would take a look