The miracles of Jesus instantly force you to ask WHAT happened.

His critics called it sorcery. His believers called it the power of God. Today’s skeptic tends to call it magic tricks or exaggeration, and today’s believer still calls it the power of God.

His biographies simply don’t give us the option of ignoring the miracles because they treat them as “signs” that point to his divinity. He heals those blind and those crippled. He subdues nature by calming storms and defies the laws of nature by walking on water. He passes miraculous bread and passes through walls. He raises the dead and rises from the dead. Every miracle leads us to ask not only HOW it happened, but WHO is this man.

But the question presses us for an answer all the more when we hear someone in the present-day claim that Jesus healed them.

So I got together with a group of people who do and don’t follow Jesus, (including a friend who claims Jesus healed her cancer!) to hear their response to the miracles of Jesus. Regardless of what you do or don’t believe about him, I think you’ll enjoy and grow from the informative and challenging conversation.

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so I have a friend named Chelsea and she
had stage four be cancer and then after
four chemo treatments she was
miraculously healed and Chelsea would
tell you it was a miracle and that God
did it but when I talked to you like
other people like non-christian friends
of mine they’ll say no there’s a
scientific explanation for that and so
what I decided to do was get together
with Christians and non-christians in
Chelsea and have them react to what
Jesus says about miracles and like and
specifically the actual miracles of
Jesus do you believe this happened or
not and why and to let each other’s
ideas and responses shape and sharpen
our own so again here are Christians and
non-christians reacting to the
believability of the miracles of Jesus a
Jesus stepped into a boat crossed over
and came to his own town and some men
brought him a paralyzed man lying on a
man so he said to the paralyzed man get
up take your mat and go home and then
the man got up and went home and when
the crowd saw us they were filled with
awe and they praised God who had given
such authority to men but what sort of
questions does this raise up in you
maybe a little unbelievable if you
didn’t witness it yourself I wish I was
there to experience that feeling I kind
of but have to be there to believe it I
guess it could be possible but without
seeing it myself
it’s hard for me to believe but how
would you guys define a miracle is it
yeah how would you define like get help
me out here because I think we’re all
using this term but I I my hunch is
where you have a different approximation
I don’t think there’s a true definition
to it some people look at it to just
just little things that uh that you know
you’re having a terrible day and it just
turns around on an instant some people
consider that a miracle and it could be
you call them you would call that a
it seems so insignificant but that
really could be a turning point for
someone’s life so I would consider that
a miracle I I think a miracle is
something that science has not had a
chance to explain yet yet don’t call it
a miracle if it’s just like you know the
Sun Rise
in the morning it’s a beautiful sunset
isn’t it a miracle no it’s not in fact
that’s very regular that’s you know
that’s that that’s normal miracle
miracles or the miraculous or things
that happen that are outside of nature
that outside of the ordinary if if I had
you know a massive brain tumor or
something like that and woke up the next
day and it was gone that would be a
miracle to me so when you were healed
let me ask you why do you think it was
because of Jesus and not because of some
scientific reason we don’t understand
you I mean because of my own personal
beliefs and all the prayers I was
getting but after just four chemo
treatments for Stage four bead and
nothing I mean it was it just seemed
pretty clear to me and my whole family
there’s something you know divined of it
I’ve seen physically seen a person that
was shriveled up you know come full
strength in his arms and legs so it
still happened you don’t see miracles
like that happen today this does nothing
for me it makes me believe that there
was some charlatan stuff like someone he
was faking it he was faking it yeah I
mean that’s what you if this happened
today in real time we would disprove it
one by one by one and there’d be people
out there oh this couldn’t happen this
couldn’t you know it he wouldn’t have
gotten this far moment boner ability and
do you guys ever doubt that this
happened of course there are moments
that that I would go man is that really
true but I don’t think that my doubt is
in opposition to my faith I believe that
my doubt in some way serves my faith
because it forces me to press into it it
shows me where I might be weak it shows
me where I need to learn and where I
need to trust and after all that’s
that’s what faith is all right so that’s
Chelsea and that’s the conversation we
have with Christians and non-christians
reacting the words of Jesus which ideas
did you like which ones challenged you
and like and why you try to go deeper in
your answer than just because or because
the Bible tells me so like why do you
agree or disagree with what you just
heard I’d love to hear your comments and
the reasons why in the comment section
below thanks and we’ll see you soon