Every once in a while we get something on the news cycle that makes us all think about the end of the world. Pandemics, war, earthquakes.

But when Jesus talks about the end times, there’s two things he wants us to know. And I’ll do my best to summarize it in 3 minutes!

So stop listening to so-called experts predicting when the end of the world will come. (None of them have been right!) And stop over-analyzing if we’re at the start of Armageddon or if we’re in the middle of the seven-years of tribulation. And START thinking about what Jesus wants you to think about when it comes to the end of the world.

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this is a three minutes and timer and
I’m gonna try to tell you everything
that Jesus wants you to know about the
end times and under three minutes you
ready and go everybody my name is Chris
Pavle and welcome to what Jesus says
about where Jesus speaks for himself so
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topics important to you topics like the
end times now I didn’t just pick this
topic out of thin air and the days and
weeks leading up to Easter Christians
will do a lot to prepare for Easter
maybe you’ve heard about people giving
up things for Lent and it’s not just to
prepare ourselves for Easter also it’s
to prepare ourselves for something else
and to remind ourselves that we’re
preparing for something else
Christ’s return the end times are maguet
Judgment Day because just before his
arrest and there’s an execution Jesus
told his followers I’m coming back I
will return and these are the things
that you’ll be seeing when I do and he
talks about you know famine and Wars and
earthquakes you can read it for yourself
and a biography of Jesus called Matthew
and written by a man named Matthew in
chapter 24 obviously we don’t time to
get into all that but when you read it
all regardless of how you read the signs
and all the way what does it mean and
the end times is he coming once he’s
coming to it however you read it there’s
two things that Jesus wants you to know
number one no one knows no one knows the
day or hour he’s gonna return in fact he
says it’s about that day or hour no one
knows not even the angels in heaven nor
the son but only the father and again he
says you do not know on what day the
Lord will come and again you do not know
the day or hour and then again he says
so you must also be ready because the
Son of Man will come at an hour when you
do not expect him and this here points
to the second thing that Jesus wants you
to know about the end times get ready
you don’t know the day or hour but you
can get ready now how do you do that
look into what Jesus says about himself
who he says he is the forgiveness that
he says he came to bring for you while
you do that spend time on the things
that matters take care of the people in
your life love them serve that for their
forgiveness because once he comes
time’s up that was pretty cool I just
finished like them those are the two
things Jesus wants you to know no one
knows the day or hour and get ready
that’s what he wants you to know about
the end times now I’ve got some other
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thank you guys so much I hope you
enjoyed this video and we will see you
soon bye bye