Does following Jesus cure depression?

Many well-meaning Christians will tell you if you have enough faith, or pray hard enough, you won’t be depressed anymore. But what Jesus says about depression not only dispels that myth, but also shows you a new way to deal with anxiety, fatigue, grief, and a whole slew of other emotions that accompany depression.

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– So if you’re a good follower of Jesus,
you’ll never be depressed again, right?
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Hey everybody, my name is Chris
and welcome to What Jesus Says About
where Jesus speaks for himself
so you can respond for yourself.
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Now today on What Jesus Says
About we’re gonna be talking
about what Jesus says about depression
and if you are somebody who
is struggling with depression,
I’m sorry.
It’s not your fault, it’s not
fair and it’s not your choice
and if you feel like
depression has a hold on you,
please reach out to a friend,
reach out to professional.
There’s people who want to help.
And if you’ve ever
struggled with depression,
maybe you’ve heard some
pretty well meaning
and well intended Christians telling you
if you just prayed hard enough,
if you just follow Jesus good enough,
you wouldn’t be depressed
anymore, but that’s just not true.
Let me explain why.
If I told you that I
was feeling overwhelmed
to the point that I wasn’t eating well
and I felt fatigued all the time
or if I told you I was grieving
because I felt rejected by
the people I love the most
or if I told you that
I was suffering so much
and I was feeling so much sorrow
that I was withdrawing to
be by myself all the time,
you know what words you
would use to describe Chris?
But here’s the kicker:
The words that I just
used to describe myself
are the words that the
biographers of Jesus
used to describe Jesus.
And if the What Jesus Says
About channel is about anything,
it’s about letting you
encounter the real Jesus
who experienced real
emotions just like you.
Jesus knows what you’re feeling.
In fact there’s this one day
that Jesus learned his
close friend was in prison
and it’s the same day that he was rejected
by an entire city of people
and he was being publicly
criticized by high profile people.
It was a bad day.
And it’s in that moment
that Jesus turned to the
crowd and he tells them,
“Come to me, all of you
who are weary and burdened,
come to me and I will give you rest.”
And then he says, “take my yoke
upon you and learn from me,
for I am gentle and humble in heart,
and you will find rest for your soul.
For my yoke is easy
and my burden is light.
Now the idea and the image of a yoke
is kind of a vague concept to us
and we could talk about that,
but I’d like to zoom in
on what Jesus just said about depression.
Granted he didn’t say the word depression,
but he sure described the
weariness and the burden
that accompanies depression.
And if you notice, he never promises
that you’ll never be depressed again.
In fact he actually promises you a burden.
It’s just lighter than the
one that you’ve been carrying.
Most importantly, he said
that I will give you rest
as in him, the person.
Not following one of his
teachings, not even an idea of him.
He himself, the individual,
claims that he can give you rest.
And this is more than just a transaction
where you bring him your
problems and he fixes it
and takes them all away.
He’s claiming that he comes to you
so that you can do the same.
You, all of your joy, all of your pain,
the good stuff and the
bad stuff, all of you.
So what does Jesus say about depression?
He says…
you are not alone.