Nothing can blur the lines of love and romance like Valentine’s Day. But the euphoria of romantic love fades as quickly as the bouquet of flowers on your countertop. To find the kind of love that lasts, we need to look somewhere else.

Cue Jesus. And when you listen to what Jesus says about love, you start to get the feeling that Jesus thinks true love isn’t fair. It’s unjust, even. And involves more giving than getting.

Since this idea on love isn’t very popular, I decided to get together with Christians and non-Christians to hear their reactions to Jesus’ teaching that love isn’t fair.

What would you add to the conversation?

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important to you now if you haven’t
already gotten your Valentine’s candy
and card good luck because when you go
to Walgreens you’re gonna be picking
some leftovers quick tip at this point
if you haven’t bought anything yet just
buy a blank card and write inside of
that every year I buy my wife some
Russell Stover chocolates because she
loves these and then she likes to sit
there and look at them and try to guess
what’s inside and it’s a good excuse if
you don’t like what you get it’s not
fair just go back and get another mine
until you like what you get I like this
one a lot of Korman when it comes to
chocolate you can go back and get
another piece if you didn’t like what
you got but that’s not the way love
works at least according to Jesus
obviously this isn’t a very popular
teaching so I wanted to have some
cameras rolling while Christians and
non-christians reacted to Jesus is
teaching that love isn’t fair
so you guys go ahead and check it out
I’m gonna have another piece of candy so
Jesus is teaching on love and his idea
of love I think we would all go okay
that’s good that Jesus is a loving guy
but then when we like start to actually
dig in and what he meant and his idea
and concept of what it was to love
people that liked it it challenges and
unsettles us and he says you’ve heard it
said I’ve heard eye and tooth for a
tooth but I tell you don’t resist an
evil person
if anyone slaps you on the right cheek
turn to them the other cheek also and if
anyone wants to sue you and take your
hand over your coat as well and if
anyone forces you to go one mile go with
them two miles you’ve heard it said love
your neighbor and hate your enemy but I
tell you love your enemies and pray for
those who will press you I mean if you
guys have ever been robbed after you
were robbed how would you have heard
these words from Jesus differently than
I am now I definitely would have
processed it differently but I probably
wouldn’t have heard that
words would be hard to take them words
and it feels inside like he’s saying be
a doorman just take anything and just be
a doorman
I feel like you’re like so angry that
it’s hard to even hear do what’s right
because you just see bread when someone
wrongs me my first reaction is oh it’s
on like let me put me think about how I
can get you back so how do you reconcile
that as a follower pieces that you don’t
do that well he forgives me anyway
I’m not attacked that very often you
know often I mean how do you you just
hope you don’t get tested in that area
not sure that any religion has really
done a great job at love your enemies it
depends I see Jesus talking about
genuine retaliation and not I mean
there’s infighting there’s like a level
of self-defense right I mean there’s a
level of just protecting yourself yeah I
mean you know I think there’s some
context they’re buying Jesus’s words
about striking someone on one cheek
there may be some level of
self-protection that might be
appropriate well then why didn’t he say
that it seems like he says love your
enemy and now you’re like justifying
well well hold on let’s define what
enemy unless define what love really
looks like I mean am I wrong all right
you just think no I think you’re right
but I think even as Kurt no one’s
perfect so of course we don’t do exactly
like like yeah we’re supposed to
probably do that but we don’t well I
think he’s just trying to teach peace
and that there’s a better way you know
violence can feed more violence but
someone’s eventually gonna have to stop
to make a change are you asking me like
I four and I like do I want them to I
mean I would want the person to be
caught or punished but I wouldn’t seek
out revenge but this is beyond just
justice justice would be an eye for an
he’s saying the person who strikes to
give the cheek person who grabs you give
them something else no they take the
coat okay give me your shirt oh there
you go one month go – I don’t see
justice in it I actually see injustice
and that he’s asking me
to not only be taken from but then to
give it could just be that Jesus is
throwing down moral imperatives here
telling us what to do or not to do and
there’s no meaning to it
where it could be that there’s actually
something really meaningful behind it is
if we knew how you know powerful it
could be if we live that way as a
society if we know powerful it could be
for us personally in our own lives and
our own well-being to live that way I
think it would make us look at this
teaching differently it’s an interesting
conversation I think ultimately what
Jesus is saying is that in love you end
up giving a whole lot more than you end
up receiving at least that’s the way it
appears on the surface but I’d love to
hear your thoughts how do you respond to
what Jesus teaches how do you respond to
what you heard around that table go
ahead and leave your comments below also
while you’re doing that I’ve got a
playlist over here of some of the other
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