I took a camera into the beautiful chaos of my house to talk about thanksgiving!

Studies show thankful people are happier people. And they’re healthier. And wealthier. They also have better relationships, better jobs, and better sleep.

But the reason so few people experience the benefits of gratitude, (and what thankful people have learned,) is that FEELING appreciative feelings isn’t enough. And THINKING grateful thoughts isn’t enough either. In order for it to truly be considered thanksgiving, and in order to experience the full benefits of gratitude, the recipient needs to actually go to the giver and say…


So with so many benefits to thankfulness, why would we limit thankfulness to just one day? That’s why I’m inviting you to join me for a 7-day gratitude challenge so you can begin to experience the benefits of gratitude for yourself.

A happier, healthier version of you is waiting on the other side to say…


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– Today, we’re gonna have
a lesson on thanksgiving
from inside the beautiful
chaos of my home.
[Inspirational Music.]
Hey guys.
– Daddy.
[giggles and screams]
– And here’s one crying baby.
Are you gonna say hi to Daddy?
And then, here’s my other baby.
[bell ringing]
Hey everybody, my name is Chris Paavola
and welcome to What Jesus Says About
where Jesus speaks for himself.
So, you can respond for yourself.
Today, we’re talking
about what Jesus says
and today, we’re talking
about what Jesus says
about thanksgiving
and the most famous
account where Jesus speaks
on thanksgiving is this
time where he’s walking
on the road from the city named Jericho
to a city named Jerusalem
and as he’s walking, 10 lepers,
these people who have
a disease of leprosy,
they come up to him and
they ask him to heal them
and in a interesting turn Jesus tells them
to go back and show
themselves to the priest
so they can begin the purification process
to enter back into the community.
And as they’re walking they look down
and realize, oh my goodness,
our disease is gone.
And they start freaking out.
They start rejoicing, giving
high fives to each other,
but one of the 10 lepers
says, “you know what?
“Hey, I should go back and
say thank you to that guy.”
And so, he goes back and
tells Jesus, “thank you”,
falls down to Jesus’ feet and
thanks him for healing him.
And then, Jesus gives this
incriminating little [laugh]
and then, Jesus gives this
interesting statement,
he says, “were not all 10 cleansed?
“Where are the other nine?
“Has no one returned to give praise
“to God except this foreigner?”
And it’s a stinging statement
and essentially what Jesus is doing
is he’s affirming what
we all know intuitively-
That it’s good to give thanks.
It’s why we set aside an
entire day to give thanks
and we call it “Thanksgiving”
’cause we know it’s good to give thanks.
In fact, we know now that
people who give thanks
are happier, they’re healthier,
they have better
relationships, better jobs,
they eat better, they sleep better.
So, why should we limit
giving thanks to just one day?
[upbeat music]
That’s why one of the things
I love that we do as a family,
we’re by no means perfect,
but I love one of the
things we do as a family
is a thankful journal and
I’ll explain what this is.
When we get done eating like this,
I’ll write down the day’s date
and at the very top I write, “Dear God,
today I thank you…”
and then, everyone goes around in a circle
and takes a turn describing
what they’re thankful for that day.
And then, when I get done,
I read last year’s entry.
You just go through and you’re like,
oh man, I remember that, oh I
remember that from that day,
that was a lot of fun.
So, my challenge for you is
to live out what Jesus says
about thanksgiving.
For the next seven days, just seven days,
grab a piece of paper,
a journal, a napkin,
it doesn’t matter what you write on,
just write down one thing everyday
for the next seven days
that you are thankful for
and watch what begins to happen
as you start to think
through all of the things
like the Rolodex of all the things
that you have to be thankful for.
And a happier, healthier version of you
is waiting to say thank
you on the other side.
Everybody say ‘bye’.
– [Group] Bye.
– [Chris] Say ‘bye’, Acacia.
– Bye.