You will see somewhere around 4,000 holiday ads today. All of them trying to get you to want what they promise more than you want your money. But as we see in #10 of our countdown, willpower isn’t limited to your spending habits.

Every day leading up to Christmas I’ll count down the “25 Things Jesus Says About Christmas” to see how it changes the way you and I celebrate the season when we go straight to the source!

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hey everybody my name is Chris Pavel and
welcome to what Jesus says about what
we’re counting down with the 25 things
Jesus says about Christmas to see how it
changes the way you and I celebrate the
season when we go straight to the source
stop and think right now of just how
many Christmas ads you have seen in the
last 24 hours
pop up ads on websites TV commercials
radio spots pop-up ads and websites oh
boards window displays pop-up ads on
websites and catalogs and all of them
are designed to move you to an action
you otherwise wouldn’t take unless you
saw what it promises senator we run ads
but number 10 in our countdown shows us
that the ads for the season are somehow
strangely appropriate so in the
biographies of Jesus this is one time
where we get an account where Jesus
performs a miracle and then afterwards
he tells the crowd who’s astonished I
have come down from heaven not to do my
will but the will of who sent me and
everyone who’s listening to Jesus is
like okay so what is your father’s will
and Jesus answers and says my father’s
will is that everyone who looks to the
Son and believes in Him will have
eternal life now before you turn this
off for the overly spiritually sounding
language let’s unpack this a little bit
you and I may not use the word will very
often other than like a last will and
testament where you decide where you’re
gonna leave your kids after you’re gone
it’s a choice it’s your desire it’s what
you want it’s your work belief so really
what Jesus is saying is he wants what
his father wants and what his father
wants us to give eternal life to
everyone who looks to the son and wants
him maybe you don’t like the options
that Jesus presents here but notice in
the middle of all of this discussion
about what the father wants and what
Jesus wants he’s really respecting what
someone else wants you Jesus respects
your choice he respects your will so how
does this change the way that you and I
celebrate the season well the next time
you find yourself in undated with
pop-ups or ads all appealing to your
will all promising you something in
exchange for your money you don’t like
what is being said change the
now instead of letting all of these ads
drive the conversation promising you
different things you can stop it all
rise above it and ask yourself in a
whole new
question what do you want