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This channel is a quick and easy place for you to find What Jesus Says About topics important to you.

No 30-minute sermons. No five-dollar words. No hard sell. We just let Jesus speak for Himself so you can respond for yourself.

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I’m a husband. I’m a father through adoption and foster care. I’m also a pastor of a church. My life mission is to “do whatever it takes so as many as possible can see Jesus”. This channel is one of the ways I live that out. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

hey everybody Happy New Year hope you’re
doing fantastic
my name is Chris Pavle and this is what
Jesus says about and it is officially
2020 hope you guys are doing great I
know I’m doing great it’s been I
actually I was just talking about the
new year with a friend of mine and it
seems like just because it’s 2020 I
think about I’ve been thinking about New
Year’s resolutions more and I’ve been
thinking about like actually reflecting
more than I would like if it was 2017 or
something about a new decade makes me
like much more reflective than I usually
am I don’t know if that’s true for you
if you are here on the livestream just
go ahead and say hello it’s good to see
you guys I’m gonna be also leaving this
live just beyond today I’m gonna be
leaving this live and up on the channel
because I wanted to set the stage today
I’ll get all that in just a second I
hope you’re doing great it’s been 2019
for me personally one of the big
accomplishments for me was launching the
what Jesus says about channel it was
back in August
now we launched this channel and I’ve I
have learned a ton along the way that
the whole idea of this channel started
with this idea of letting Jesus speak
for himself so you can respond for
yourself and I’ve learned a ton in the
last five months of making weekly
consistent content for this youtube
channel and I wanted to talk today about
what changes you can expect to see in
2020 and then let you give me some
feedback and stuff so please stick
around and get ready to leave some
comments if you’re if you’re jumping on
the live stream right now again just let
me know that you’re here hey and then
just give like a little like and a
thumbs up to let me know that you’re
watching a few of you guys are on just
don’t be shy just say hello now one of
my goals this year is to get you guys
commenting more because that you’re
watching videos but I want to I need to
I need to make sure I create content
that um interacts with you better so
make sure that you guys are leaving some
comments so tell you a little bit what
what I’m gonna do today I’m gonna give
you actually three things as you can see
here look what Jesus says about 2020
what Jesus says about 2020 so three
things that you can expect to see in
this channel in 2020 and why I think it
matters to you
since we’re gonna jump into that in just
a second here I’m a list of other people
join on and just says as I start talking
let people jump on the livestream now
real quick I will say got a couple
people texting and don’t text me just
leave a comment that you’re watching
this ridiculous anyway so uh we just got
done on the channel I don’t know if you
if you check that in videos you can jump
out of the the the channel itself and
see but we just just got done with my
first ever vlog miss that was insane
insane insane amount of work I had no
idea how much work it would be to
actually make a daily countdown through
the month of December and I I’m a pastor
and so I had other responsibilities at
the church I’m getting ready for
Christmas services and we’re like
building sets and doing it just it’s an
really intense time of year for working
in the church and then on top of that I
decided to throw this daily video
challenge for myself and and we did it
wait by the hair of our chinny Chinchin
and by the skin of our teeth we did it
we got every day we uploaded a different
counting down with the 25 things Jesus
says about Christmas and that was a
really really positive experience for me
but one of the things I learned at the
end of the day more important than daily
content is quality content and that
really started this shape and I learned
a lot again through that process of just
like how important it is not just have
quantity of content out there but to
give quality content on this channel
because I think that matters in the end
of the day it’s not about how many views
of video gets it’s not about how many
comments or likes or shares and video
gets it’s really is about letting you
find value you personally find value in
the content and letting you find content
and hear what Jesus says about topics
important to you so you can respond for
yourself that was the promise that we
started this channel with and and it’s
still true and then doing those daily
reminded me of that is it’s not about
quantity and so like no we’re not going
to be a daily video channel from here on
out but we are going to be a quality
channel and we’re gonna stick to this
weekly schedule and but there’s going to
be some changes we make and again this
is because of some things that I’ve
learned over the last five months we
started in August we did a bunch of
we did videos you know like in studio or
in a studio we did videos on the street
and then we did these anyway so along
the way there’s three things that I
think that we’ve learned or that I’ve
learned and I want to share them with
you guys so here we go
based on everything we’ve done the past
few months here are three things that
you can expect to see in what Jesus says
about 2020 the first thing is ready I
got a little whiteboard wall here you
can expect to see series content and
what I mean by that is rather it’s like
if you look at her videos now if you
look at them they’re like oh hey here’s
a video on what Jesus says about
drinking and then here’s a video of what
Jesus says about anxiety or here’s a
video of what Jesus says about
forgiveness and those are great but I
think part of the reason of like just
nurturing this conversation that I want
to have with you where you guys are
leaving comments and again if you’re
jumping on I see a couple viewers on
right now just go ahead and say hey so I
can give you a little shout out and I’ll
live in permanence for you know forever
on this channel but one of the things I
think that is important is just
nurturing this conversation and if I’m
always changing subjects and I’m talking
about this one week and this next week
then you never know quite what it is I’m
talking about and there’s like Oh an
ongoing deepening of a conversation like
you know this if you’re just like at a
dinner party and you say hello to
somebody and then you’re like you know
you know like hey what’s your name where
do you work
okay very cool and you move on to you
know like maybe you had a Christmas
party or holiday party you just have the
quick like one-minute conversations but
you know like the difference when you
post up somewhere on a party and you’re
like sitting by like the bowl of chex
mix or you got whatever maybe by the
cooler and then all of a sudden somebody
stands next you and then you actually
have a deep conversation that deep
conversation only happens because you
spend quality time with each other and
the longer you spend time with each
other the more multi-layered your
conversation gets and that’s part of the
reason I want to do series content on
this channel so like for instance we’ll
spend four weeks talking about anxiety
or we’ll spend four weeks talking about
forgiveness or we’ll spend four weeks
talking about
I don’t know what Jesus says about money
and and like that topic week by week
whether it’s four weeks or whether it’s
six weeks or whether it’s they’re like
you and I can have an ongoing and
deepening conversation as a part of that
series content so like in the course of
a week while you watch a video and
you’re thinking about it you leave a
couple of comments and then the next
week you can come back and say something
else and it’s just this idea that so I
think series content is one of the ways
that I can better nurture a conversation
with with you the second thing that I
think you can expect to see in 2020 on
what Jesus says about his artistic
content and I mean look let me explain
this a little bit I actually in the
musician up back before of as a pastor
before I had this channel I was a I was
a songwriter and I would travel to
Nashville write songs and people would
you know sing my songs and I’d I was a
songwriter that’s what I did I wrote
songs so other people can sing and
that’s that’s I was an artist before
that I had a graphic design little side
I almost went to college Savannah
college for art design to do to just
have like a career in the arts
I’ve always valued art as an expression
that there’s something that that visual
or audio that you can communicate in the
arts that you can’t just do through
written word or through spoken words but
there’s something deeper that’s
communicated that’s why we listen to
music that’s why we watch movies is why
we stare at paintings and buy them and
hanging them on a wall it’s saying
something that words can’t say that’s
more powerful than words can say that
adjustors worth a thousand words and
I’ve always valued the way that art
communicates and at the end of the day
that’s what art is it’s a communication
of something and I think that that
that’s an important principle for me
again to deepen this conversation that
you and I are having about Jesus where
Jesus speaks for himself is for me to
not just make videos where I’m a talking
but occasionally you’re gonna see me
dropping in videos everyone’s every once
in a while that will say something
artistically and I think that’s
important because again art communicates
and it allows us to dig in and interpret
and and to to go deeper on an issue then
if I just like spoken word spoken word
debate dialogue you know academia kind
of a setting there’s something more that
happens there’s a reason you’ll cry out
a song but you won’t at a speech and and
and it’s not just emotion it’s actually
communicating a deeper truth than words
could capture and so one of the things I
want to do on this channel again so I
can have a deeper conversation with you
and we can interact with this content
better is not just having series content
but also having more of artistic content
so every once in a while you might see a
spoken word piece you might see a visual
parable or you might see we might even
have music on here I you know like just
because I think that that matters okay
and then third last but not least one
other type of content that you can
expect to see and what Jesus says about
2020 is your content and man my
handwriting is really terrible I see it
there and I’m like oh my goodness but
that says your content your content
matters and it matters I’m going to get
this light it’s a little harsh there
that’s a little better your content and
what I mean by that is I would like to
make sure that I’m talking about what
Jesus says about topics important to you
and so in the comments section here
leave your answer or you can send me an
email at what Jesus says about at I should write that out here
I’ll write it out at the ending I guess
what Jesus says about a gmail comm but
here’s what I want to hear from you what
do you want to hear about what kind of
topics what do you want to hear what
Jesus says about certain topics or or
what kind of topics do you think is
worthwhile to have a discussion or a
debate or a consideration
what sort of topics do you want to hear
what Jesus says about I put a comment in
the video below or or send me an email
at what Jesus says about at or
even hit me up on Twitter at chris
underscore Pavle
I want to make sure that the content
that I’m spending time on and the
content I’m thinking about and praying
about and reading about and researching
the content I’m creating is content that
you want to digest and see and so you
know like all of a sudden I remember one
of my very first video someone left a
comment what does Jesus say about school
it was then when school started I’m like
you know what unless you said that I
would have never paused and thought well
what does Jesus say about school and and
sometimes I gotta you know like think
about like you know relate relative or
relatable topics because he doesn’t
speak to things directly but there is
some indirect relationships that you can
find with life and so again what sort of
topics do you want to hear about please
shoot me an email at what Jesus says
about at I’ll write that out
right here real quick but honestly I
would I would love to I want to make
sure that I’m relevant and that I’m
relatable to what’s going on in your
daily life because if I if I just come
up with a content it’s you know going to
be it’s gonna have what I think is
important but I want to make sure it’s
what you think is important we got a I
got another comment in a video from a
guy and he was like asking well what
does Jesus say about sin and what does
Jesus say about what else did you say
something about like the idea of
substitute you know like Jesus as a
substitution for my sins and I’m like
you know what I never would have come up
with that idea like I think that’s a
good one but what does Jesus say about
that and so again send me a message on
YouTube put a comment in the comments
below or shoot me an email what Jesus
says about a and let me know
about what kind of content you want to
see in 2020 okay so there you go those
are the three things three changes that
I think you’re gonna be able to see in
what Jesus says about in 2020 make sure
I got everything here yep okay I
really really want to thank you guys for
subscribing I have no idea what this
would be like starting a YouTube channel
back in August and now we are up to 300
some subscribers and that means the
world to me that there’s 300 people who
subscribed to this channel it just means
a lot to me I think it’s important I
hope to see growth I don’t I don’t set
numeric goals like that like I don’t set
a goal saying I want a thousand
subscribers by the end of 2020 or
something like that because I can’t
control that goal I can’t control the
output of you know what Kaiba something
or how many people YouTube’s the
algorithm shows or the algorithms show
by content 2 or the videos or you give
it as suggestions or anything I can’t
control that I can’t control but but I
can control the kind of content to make
the quality of it how I edit it how I
lay it together and and and so I’ve got
more of like goals that I can control
and resolutions that can control and I
encourage you to do the same don’t don’t
don’t have a goal of getting a promotion
at work for instance have a goal of
doing the things that would make a
promotion likely for instance you know
showing up early putting an extra effort
volunteering for little things around
the office taking that extra class
online or or whatever it might be those
things you can control and that the
results would be you know you you’re
making yourself more likely for a
promotion in the same way I don’t set a
goal of oh I want a thousand subscribers
or I want you know ten thousand hours of
watch time over the course of the year
for me the the goal that I can control
is the quality content I put together
the kind of editing I do the topics I
choose all that kind of stuff and so
part of this is me wanting to make sure
again all of this all comes back to all
this comes back to one and have a
conversation with you and that is I want
to make it likely that you and I can
have a conversation about these things
so thank you so much for taking the time
I hope you guys are having a great
twenty twenty here we are was it two
over two days or three days and just
wanted what ever it is happy new year
welcome to the 20s I hope and you know I
hope that
I hope that your new year is as
productive and as eventful and as
fruitful as you want it to be like yes
so much I am enjoying this journey I
feel like we’re building a community
together and I’m happy to have you on
board and very early in the very
beginning stages of this adventure of
what Jesus says about look forward to
seeing you guys don’t and so I’ll be
we’re back into u s– now we’re done
with the daily content we’re done with
the vlogmas advent countdown to
Christmas daily 25 things Jesus says
about Christmas we’re back into our
regular rotation so next Thursday next
Thursday you can expect to see a new
video dropping and I think I’m gonna
stick to the new schedule for a while
there is some thought so maybe moving it
earlier but anyway oh you could let me
know would you prefer a video at noon or
would you prefer it in the morning or
would you prefer it when do you want to
watch videos but anyway so we’re
starting we’re dropping new we’re gonna
continue dropping videos at noon on
Thursdays every week without fail I
can’t wait to see you guys next time
thank you so much and if you haven’t
done so already don’t forget to hit like
and subscribe and tell your friends
thank you guys so much and we will see
you soon bye

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