Most New Year’s resolutions fail because of WHY we make the resolution in the first place.

How are you doing at your New Year’s resolution? If you’re still at it by the end of January, great job! But if you’re like 80% of people, you stopped dieting or exercising or learning to juggle by now.

Surprisingly enough, What Jesus Says About Resolutions can actually help you make a better resolution by helping you examine why you’re making a resolution in the first place.

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the reason so many New Year’s
resolutions fail comes down to why the
resolution was made in the first place
so let’s talk about it
hey everyone my name is Chris Avila and
welcome to what Jesus says about where
Jesus speaks for himself so you can
respond for yourself and don’t forget to
hit subscribe so you can stay up to date
on what Jesus says about topics
important to you now by the third week
of January over half of New Year’s
resolutions have fail them by the 31st
of January over 80% of New Year’s
resolutions have failed and like I said
the reason so many resolutions fail
comes down to why you made the
resolution and then think about it a
resolution implies that there’s
something you want to change there’s
mistakes you’ve made there’s things you
regret and you feel guilty and so when
the calendar goes out with the old and
in with the new we try to do the same
ourselves and go out with the old and
then with the new one we’ll make a
resolution become February 1st we find
out that nothing was really different
but what we wanted wasn’t a resolution
what we wanted was an absolution now
this is a word that we don’t use very
often but you love the way it feels
because absolution means new it’s a
fresh start it’s a clean slate it’s a
thing you celebrate a New Year’s Eve
when you talk about how your regrets
will be forgot and never brought to mind
or as Jesus would describe absolution it
means forgiving like this is one time in
the biographies of Jesus we find out
that Jesus is traveling and he sees a
man who’s paralyzed and right before he
heals the man Jesus tells him cheer up
your sins are forgiven
now I don’t know how you define this
word forgiveness but for Jesus it means
like a fresh start a clean slate it
means absolution and so notice the order
Jesus forgives the man then he heals
them and then he tells him to get up
take your mat and walk in other words
his new behavior followed his new lease
on life his resolution followed his
absolution and when it comes to you and
your new year’s resolutions and whether
or not you succeed or whether you fail
it comes down to understanding am i
seeking a resolution or am i seeking
absolution because guilt is a terrible
motivator so when you make a resolution
to spend more time with your kids or to
call your mother are you are you making
that resolution from a place of guilt or
from a place of forgiveness and grapes
or when you make a resolution to diet or
an exercise more are you making that
resolution from a place of guilt that
you that you haven’t taken care of your
body or are you making that resolution
from a place of acceptance that that
you’re beautiful and accepted as you are
are you seeking a resolution or an
absolution thanks so much we’ll see you

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