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Youth are our future and our now. Jesus knew that and welcomed them with excitement. For that reason, our youth participate in our monthly Large Group gatherings at All Nations, as well as in their own Small Groups for age-appropriate learning.

The Basics




All Nations Church
in the Westover Center
7860 Olive Blvd.
University City, MO 63130


Preschool – 5th Grade


At our monthly Large Group gathering, your child will participate in worship with you and your family before being dismissed for age-appropriate learning during the message time. You can pick up your child in the All Kids room after the gathering (after 11AM).

On the Sundays in between our monthly Large Group gatherings, you can drop off your child as early as 9:45AM so you can attend your own Small Group at 10AM. They will participate in group games, hands-on activities, age-appropriate learning, small group conversation, and of course, a snack! You can pick up your child when your Small Group wraps up.


It’s our goal to equip families with the tools they need to have faith conversations at home. After all, parents can make a greater impact with the time they already have with their children during the week than our All Kids team can in an hour or so on Sunday! For that reason, our lessons parallel the conversations adults are having in their Small Groups to make it easy and natural for families to continue their faith conversations at home.

All Kids is led by a team of awesome volunteers who love kids and love Jesus. Every volunteer is trained on safety procedures, positive discipline practices and has passed a criminal background check. We all wear matching shirts, so we’re easy to locate! Ashley Paavola leads the team as our Youth & Family Ministry Developer.

At our monthly Large Group gatherings, you can check-in your child at the Welcome Station:

  • The first time your child attends All Kids, you’ll need to fill out a simple registration form.
  • After that, you’ll be able to check them in using the computer check-in system that prints a name tag for the child and a pick-up slip for the parent.
  • Hold on to the pick-up slip, put the name tag on your child, and enjoy the first portion of the gathering together. There will be an invitation for kids to participate in All Kids just before the message begins.

The check-in procedure is the same on the other Sundays of the month, except you’re welcome to arrive as early as 9:45AM to drop-off your child so you have enough time to get to your Small Group at 10AM.

At our monthly Large Group gatherings, you’ll pick up your child in the All Kids room after the gathering has ended and the children have finished their age-appropriate learning, around 11:00AM. Simply show an All Kids volunteer the pick-up slip you received at check-in, and we’ll verify that it matches your child’s name tag.

The pick-up procedure is the same on the other Sundays of the month, and you can pick your child up whenever your Small Group is finished, around 11:15AM.

All Kids activities are designed for children in preschool—5th grade, but there is still a place for your little one!

During our monthly Large Group gatherings a Parent/Child Room is located near the Coffee Station. There is a comfy chair, some quiet toys, and even a changing table in there for your convenience. The one-way window gives you front row viewing, while providing you the privacy you may need.

Your little ones are also welcome to attend Small Group with you. In fact, there’s probably someone in your group who would love to give your arms a rest and snuggle your sweet babe. If you find it challenging to have your little one attending Small Group with you, let us know. Our Youth & Family Team will do whatever they can to help meet your family’s needs.

All Kids means All Kids! We will do our very best to meet the needs of your child. Buddies are available to help kids who may need a little extra assistance in participating, staying engaged, or even taking a break when needed.

We do eat a snack on the weeks that you are at Small Group, so if your child has a food allergy, feel free to send a snack or check with us to see if our snack is safe for your child.

You can notify us of your child’s allergy or special needs on the All Kids registration form. Contact Ashley, our Youth and Family Ministry Director, with any information, questions or concerns.


Save time on Sunday morning by pre-registering your child.
Fill out the form below and our Youth & Family Ministry Director will get in touch with you.

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